Different default email footers for different teams

We are missing the option to select different email footers (office location) as the default one for our different teams (markets). 


It would be great for them to not have to change footer evey time they create a new email.

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Yes, already posted the idea,  if it’s an idea or rather a bug report. We have multiple legal entities and have tons of trouble adding the correct business addresses, registered court etc information to be compliant.

Really a horror and we see adopted users leaving the portal for email sending them now from other connected mailboxes. Even worse, users start creating quotes outside Hubspot...

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Hello HubSpot,

once again me, myself and I. The issue above has been reported in June 2019!

It is not only a problem in the signature area but also in quotes.

My colleagues in the Netherlands, Austria, United Kingdom, Australia and the USA go - with all right - totally crazy about this since they have to MANUALLY change the data in quotes from the global setting to their contact details and legal entity.

For every single quote...

Please start working on this issue asap. It´s been really a while since it was reported first.