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Different Title Tag than Page Title

Currently, whatever the page or blog post title is, the title tag <title> is the same. This is extremely limiting. A great strategy I use to increase CTR is to use different words and even brackets. However, I don't want these in my post title. Instead, I would like to be able to have a longer, more explanatory title on the site. 


When a person arrives on a blog post, it is important to have the title to explain what they are getting. However, you can't always do that in 600 pixels Arial font 16px, which is what Google use for title in the listing. A succesful strategy that I have been using for a few years now is using bracket and other simples to increase CTR and having the title longer. Having a longer title also helps you to incorporate a secondary keyword phrase, which is another successful SEO strategy I use. 

With the use of Yoast plugin, WordPress sites have had this ability for almost ever, but HubSpot's CRM pigeon holes you into only having a title that fits in Google's search titles. 

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Status atualizado para: Delivered
March 16, 2020 10:07 AM

This is now live to all portals!

Status atualizado para: In Beta
February 07, 2020 08:59 AM

The ability to set a different H1 from <title> tag in blog posts is now in beta. Those who have already requested access should now see an option to "Customize page title" in their blog post settings tabs. Clicking this button will expose a secondary title field that allows the user to set a different H1 from <title> tag in their post. 


If you are interested in joining this beta and have not already reached out to me, please send me a message with your Hub ID and I will add you to the beta. Feedback is welcome!

Status atualizado para: In Planning
January 15, 2020 12:01 PM

Hi all! We are currently in the process of building a feature that allows a blog post title and <title> tag to be different.


When this functionality goes to beta, I will update the status here. At that time, if you and your team are interested in participating in the beta, please reach out to me via direct message with your portal's Hub ID.



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Participante | Parceiro

Definitely having the same issue and as a new partner, was really surprised this was not something sorted / handled in the system already. Keen to find out how agencies get around the lack of meta title control for COS Blog. It seems by default COS optimisation recommendations and page title does not allow for unique Meta title control and page title control in the Blog. Sure we can do custom hubl but it seems to conflict with the COS HubSpot approach and the lack of documentation is a concern. Moz goes into great depth but Hubspot does not allow for this level of control by default. For an inbound focused company like HubSpot and Partners this is a concern.  I haven't fully tested general website pages yet but it seems to be set up better and clearly says page titles is for search engines and browser titles. 


We have done the below for now but to explain this to a client and then explain them that the optimisation tool in HubSpot will not consider this in its recommendations is not realistic / managable. I know with the content strategy tool and topic cluster approach, keywords are not the sole focus but it's still essential to optimise pages correclty. 


Here's the work around shared by a developer, which support has confirmed is the best work around currently.


Same thing here. Problem is, simply put: I want the best of both worlds, a title optimized for search AND a pleasant read for the reader. It's simply not the same. On a SERP, people are looking to understand whether a post is useful, they are looking for categories. When reading the actual post, they switch to "consume."


Separate things.


Will try work around.

Participante | Parceiro

Hopefully they fix this issue soon. It's not a perfect work around as the optimisation recommendations in HubSpot COS then don't work, as you need to have the same titles, which as you said  is not going to be a good read for the reader. I know they are actively working on improving the COS, so hopefully this is one easy thing they sort out ASAP.  


This seems like a no-brainer to have in place. It could just be a matter of two lines in the settings, one that says "display title" and one that says "meta title" they could mirror automatically but then the meta title could be changed independently. Simple. Or have a way to access the HTML, a switch to code view type deal that seems to be a common WYSIWYG feature.

Participante | Parceiro Elite

We just migrated our blog from WordPress to HubSpot, and this was an unexpected surprise. Shocking that an inbound focused platform like HubSpot is lacking such a simple yet important feature. 


Seems like a no brainer and surprised it isn't built in functionality. Working on a hack to accomplish the same thing but frustrating extra work to make it happen.



Participante | Parceiro Elite

Unfathomable that this isn't a blog functionality yet. Cmon guys, this is SEO 101. 


This should get sorted ASAP. 


This is perhaps the one feature missing that our team has been most surprised/concerned about. HubSpot, you need to implement this basic feature ASAP.

Participante | Parceiro

I agree with X91.

This doesn't seem to be on the top of their list, which doesn't make sense. It's a basic feature and should be fixed. 

Response from HubSpot would be good. 

Membro | Parceiro

This is a must today...? Really surprised that it is not made yet 😞

Participante | Parceiro Diamante

Any updates here ?  Any plans to make it possible please?

Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Ouro

Same problem over here! Anyone know if Hubspot is working on it?


I really wish they would address this! It's frustrating not being able to have a different title tag 😞


Really don't understand why this isn't available yet. I don't want my title tag to be the same as my blog post title... 


Every other platform offers this out of the box or has a plugin that allows you to change the meta title so it can be optimised for search engines and CTR. 


As a preacher of Inbound, Hubspot should do a much better job here! 

Participante | Parceiro Diamante

I think this is the template you are looking for

Participante | Parceiro

We definitely need more people to upvote this.  @Jorgegomez totally agree with you. @anniepagano there is a workaround that we did for our site that we are about to launch. 

Here's the workaround shared by a developer.

The only issue I have seen is with RSS feature, as it relies on the Title Tag (we just opted to not use this feature but shame you have to hack/avoid this due to this issue). 


Participante | Parceiro Diamante

@DavidPower  , we are out after changing the  <title>Page Title</title> rather than <h1> element. 
Do you think that workaround can be used for this purpose too ? 


@DavidPower Thanks for sharing! I will look it over with my team. Would prefer not to work around, of course, so hopefully, we can get Hubspot's attention with this. 


I had a conversation with support about this issue and they didn't even fully understand what a title tag was and why I would want it to be different from the blog title itself - not very encouraging lol


Just noticed you have to pay for that template 😞 For the amount that we pay for Hubspot, this feature should come built in.


This should definitely have been incorporated already. Like everybody mentions, for SEO purposes it could be crucial to have a different name to increase CTR from SERP. Also, I'd like to have an option for a internal title tag for archiving purposes and for easier analysing content groups by e.g. service (not per se something you do with the option "SEO" formerly known as contentstrategy or content spin).