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Currently, whatever the page or blog post title is, the title tag <title> is the same. This is extremely limiting. A great strategy I use to increase CTR is to use different words and even brackets. However, I don't want these in my post title. Instead, I would like to be able to have a longer, more explanatory title on the site. 


When a person arrives on a blog post, it is important to have the title to explain what they are getting. However, you can't always do that in 600 pixels Arial font 16px, which is what Google use for title in the listing. A succesful strategy that I have been using for a few years now is using bracket and other simples to increase CTR and having the title longer. Having a longer title also helps you to incorporate a secondary keyword phrase, which is another successful SEO strategy I use. 

With the use of Yoast plugin, WordPress sites have had this ability for almost ever, but HubSpot's CRM pigeon holes you into only having a title that fits in Google's search titles. 

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The workaround that can be applied is to use the HTML version of the blog template. 
For the custom page title,  go and add a custom parameter inside of the "additional <head> markup" section of the template. 

This way, you will be able to choose what title you want to use for the page title rather than the blog title. 


{% text "page_title" label="Page Title", value="", export_to_template_context=True %} 


After you create & give the final touches to your blog template, do the following

  • In the left sidebar menu, click the Actions dropdown menu and select Clone to HTML. The template in HTML will open in a new tab.


Inside this new HTML template that you generated from your blog template, you will see that there is the <title> tag set by HS like shown in the screenshot. 




Replace that line with the following script in order to use the custom parameter as the page title. I put another else condition to cover the case when there is no custom page title provided by the editor ( the default value set by HS is used in that case ). 

    {% if is_listing_view %}
       <title>{{ page_meta.html_title }}</title>    
    {% else %}
       {% if widget_data.page_title.body.value %}
          <title>{{ widget_data.page_title.body.value }}</title>
       {% else %}
          <title>{{ page_meta.html_title }}</title>    
       {% endif %}
    {% endif %} 

This way you will be able to set the custom title parameter at the blog post level, and this will be the only title that is used as the page title.

Till a new feature is released by HS, this is the workaround that we can do. 

I hope it helps till then! Smiley Happy 


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Hi Shamaleyte,


Great advice!! Thank you for the extensive answer! 

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Thanks Shamaleyte this is a good workaround. It appears that even when you fil the field in your module it will be considered as empty and HS will display the default title in <title>. And without the condition the <title> is just blank. Did you encounter this problem or is it working fine with your template?

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Pierre2,  it seamlessly worked for me. Try to see if you really have the custom parameter in place by checking the Developer info.
Look for widget_data.page_title.body.value OR the parameter that you created.  
Probably, the structure is a bit different in your case and it is considered empty.


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So I have work it out with the HS team and it looks like the issue was that the page_title widget was being defined after it was being referenced which was causing the issue. By moving it up to the top it resolves the issue. Thanks again.

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How is this not already a feature?

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Definitely +1 to this one. It's incredibly annoying that by 2019 Hubspot still doesn't permit you to choose a different title tag to the actual blog entry title. 


Big +1 on this. Seems silly that it's not here.

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Requesting for this feature on behalf of my customer who's looking for it!