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Different Resubscribe emails based on subscription preferences

I believe email preference groups and subscription types is a beta, but not have a specific resubscribe email based on preference group is a huge miss. We are managing 6 different brands out of one account and can not use the resubscribe email because it can only be specific to one brand. 


There also doesn't appear to be a way to generate a resubscribe email manually without a form. 


As a HubSpot user, we should beable to create a different resubscribe email based on each preference group. And also be able to manually send a contact that email upon request if they want to opt back in. 

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I agree that this is a massive problem. The resubscribe mail is only triggered when someone completely opts out of all communication – what if someone clicked on "change settings" to opt out of one communication subscription and then later wants to resubscribe to only this communication type? At the moment, if this user uses a form it won't even update the subscription preference correctly.