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It would be nice to have functionality in the drag and drop builder to change the way things look/stack on desktop vs mobile. For example, if I have a row with image on the left and text on the right, added functionality would mean I could switch the way they stack on mobile to be right over left instead of the standard left over right. Additionally, if I wanted to hide things on mobile like an image or text for whatever reason, that would be helpful, for example a header image on desktop that is hidden on mobile since it takes up to much real estate, etc.

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Great idea. Definitely a must have in 2020, especially for brands with more than 50% traffic coming from mobile.




I'm upvoting this idea. After using the Drag & Drop editor for a few months, stacking and lack of columns for images in mobile is starting to hold us back.


For instance, we've created a few emails this year where we needed to show at least 12 product prices (linking to different products). The designers did a good job of creating a grid that makes them look good on desktop, but on mobile, all 12 images stacked in a single column. This caused the email to look really bad on mobile. 


It's been a blocker to the point where we have to switch to the classic editor for certain cases, much to our chagrin. 


Totally agreed and second the above!


Having the ability to pick and choose which asssets we want on mobile vs desktop gives us the ability to truly designate the most important information that we want to show customers.  This is especially important on mobile since we are working with much smaller real estate and attention spans.


So needed! 


This is a standard feature of many other marketing automation platforms. It's highly needed!


100% on this. It is readily available in a lot of other ESPs and would make email creation so much slicker going forward. Has to be on the dev list ASAP!


I was hoping to hear about an update on this idea by now. Is this something the product team is talking about? Anything planned or close? 


Great idea. It is really needed in todays content creation. Drag and Drop works fine for desktops but the mobile arrangement of the content seems oddly misplaced.


Yes this would be extremely beneficial - we have no way of assuming/predicting how our emails will be viewed and therefore need to set emails up for any device.


The mobile preview is a good feature,  but a mobile editor is also needed so we can change and edit layouts - sometimes the default responsiveness works and sometimes not so much!


I've seen this in other ESPs so would be great to get an update on when this will go into devs for HubSpot, if and when this goes into beta please let us know so we can start to test and use!

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Hi team, commenting for a customer here!

Currently, we do have some mobile responsive editing options in landing/web pages for starter templates , would love to see that for our marketing email tool too

Thank you!

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Definitely needed!


Absolutely mind-boggling that this isn't a feature. Industry standard for email layouts is an alternating 50/50 view, and the fact that I have zero control over how content stacks is wild. My emails are 80% open rate on mobile. Drip, Mailchimp, active campaign, literally every other service has a simple "flip content" button when you preview mobile view. Please please please prioritize this. 


Yes please! I just got HubSpot and that's a major limitation. 


Yes, super important! More specifically, the default layout stacking on mobile I would think is limiting for anyone using layouts in the first place.

**Update : After tooling around a bit, there is a raw html content type and you can apply smart rules to the html, so there is atleast a workaround for the time being.

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Hi team, checking in again for customer:

Do we have any update on this to enable mobile layout editing for emails?

Thank you!

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Yes, please, we really need this live now. HubSpot is way behind most other, much cheaper, tools on the market with this missing feature


@hubspot Please implement this must-have feature for mobile layouts. We basically need the options to:
1) Stack from left to right (default)
2) Stack from right to left
3) No stack
4) Hide on mobile

In this day and age, email designs should be "mobile-first", but it makes it difficult to do this with the current limitations in the email editor. It would also be great if we can have a section for Mobile Styles in the Design tab of the email editor, where we can control e.g font-sizes and padding on mobile. For example, if I have paragraph text style set to 14px on a desktop, but wish to increase it to 16px on a mobile.