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Desired Feature: Ability to Create Lead and Schedule Meeting in one form

Currently, if I want to allow a prospect to schedule a meeting online with Sales in real time, I can do so using Sales > Meetings. The challenge is that if its a new lead, I'd like a means of creating it, and having all information about that lead preserved, such as their Lead Source, Original Source, etc. Currently, all leads created using the Meetings tool, defaults the value of Original Source to offline, regardless of what the original value was.


If I use two forms (one up front to create the lead and a second to schedule the meeting), there are unnecessary steps or the user must fill in field values twice (because when scheduling the meeting, the values are not in the contact database yet.)


User Story: A Marketing User can create a lead form and embed the "schedule a meeting" function to allow a new lead to immediately book with a sales person or team (if team calendars are enabled.) All lead data is perserved and no fields must be entered more than one time.

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@hroberts I was searching for this, after speaking about a specific issue with our flow with Evan at HSHQ. 


We're looking to collect more information from prospects (for profiling and routing purposes) when a user:

1) goes to our site and decides they want to RFI

2) clicks Book a Demo CTA

3) currently, they fill out a form with firm size, and a few other questions

4) they submit

5) we then email them with a meetings link


Desired is:

1) decides to RFI

2) clicks book a demo cta

3) fills out first, last, email (AND our additional information)

4) they're immediately presented with the meetings availability so they can book all without a need for an email (and to input first/last/email again)


Biggest issue is that even if we redirect a form to a meetings link, they will have just filled out first/last name and email, and then are presented the need to do it again. Just a yucky (and lower conversion rate) experience.


Has this been resolved?  The link provided by product does not resolve this.



I'm running into the same issue and it's redundant. We have prospects who request a demo and we want them to be able to book a time on the thank you page. It's redundant to have to ask for their name, email, phone. 


The easiest way to fix this would be to make that section optional or use tokens to autofill that information in. The use case Hubspot has now is for this to be used via email not embedded in a page that is secondary to the flow. 


The most ideal would be to have the name, email and phone optional, so if you are using this as a second page in your prospect flow you could have them fill out questions and then book a time. 




Right, the response from the Product Team is totally irrelevant to the problem in the original post IMO.