Designated (fixed) reply email inbox and signature for tickets

As suggested by HubSpot support we are sharing it so that others can vote for it and leave their your own comments. Thank you for your help. Please do not hesitate to comment or contact me with your questions.


Current Status:

Tickets can be responded to by any email that the user is affiliated with, including their connected personal inbox and shared inboxes that they are affiliated with. This is a useful and normal functionality for employees with multiple roles.



For tighter support control and efficient management of resources, we are looking to only allow ticket emails to be sent from a shared inbox in our portal and not the personal inboxes of users with ticket editing permissions. This should include an email signature unique to the shared inbox and separate from the personal email signature in HubSpot.


I think ZenDesk has this type of clear seperation of reply email and signature.




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This would be very helpful!