Design Manager - Mobile layout manager (Stacking order)

Sometimes a web page simply does not look good when modules are stacked on top of each other in mobile view, a bank of icons like this page on our website is a good example (Still in development so ignore the bugs and big images!). Imagine scrolling for several miles to get to the last icons on the page if they were stacked? A quick way to bounce visitors from this page.


With this page specifically, my current workaround is to create 2 module groups containing the same content, the second group is a custom HTML table which forces the icons into rows. I can then apply media queries to the group to hide each from desktop or mobile respectively.


@media (min-width: 768px) {
.custom_hidden-dt {display: none !important;}

@media (max-width: 767px) {
.custom_hidden-xs {display: none !important;}


There are obviously some problems with doing this as you are repeating content on a page, forcing content into tables which can have its own issues, increasing page loading times and possibly upsetting Google.


So my suggestion is to add a mobile layout editor to the design manager, allowing you to create a mobile layout if the natural stacking does not fit the page.

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Yes! Need to be able to customize mobie layout.


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Yes! I have so much trouble with the layouts looking great on desktop and then the order of images, text, and CTA completely changes on mobile and it looks terrible.