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I'm currently using the Design Mangager Beta, and I'm curious to see if anyone else is having issues with the speed?


I love the new layout and features, however, it's extremely slow in Safari. It's faster in Chrome but still a bit slow on that browser as well. 


Also, if you edit the head html of a page template, it tries to save every time you type and seems to get stuck in some kind of weird loop of deleting and saving the characters you've typed. I believe the design manager is saving too often and slowing itself down.


I tried to bring this to the attention of HubSpot support, thinking others could be experiencing this and it might be a larger issue, but, they re-directed me here and told me to post it as an idea... 


A few other things I've encountered:

  1. Issues with links in general (breaking, etc.)
  2. Issues with modules working in the Design Manager and not in the Page Editor
  3. You're supposed to be able to use command + c and command + v, and multi-select, but those don't seem to work for me (Although I might be doing something wrong?)
  4. If you have several stylesheets attached to a template and you swap out one, you have to delete all of the style sheets and add them back, or else you break the template.
  5. General glitchy things - I had a module break and I tried to clone it in the template and then it wouldn't let me delete it. Smiley Sad

Other than these few issues, I like the changes. Being able to clone the modules saves me a lot of time. 


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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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We've made several changes to improve Design Manager performance over the past several months. Please reach out to support if you're still encountering slowness.

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Not the OP but I found this post via search. Our account was officially moved over to the new Design Manager this week and we are experiencing the slowness described in the original post. It is markedly slower than the previous Design Manager: switching between templates, making minor code edits, folder navigation, etc. 


Please reach out with any recommendations for improving speed - working in Chrome but could switch to Firefox if absolutely necessary.

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+1 Painfully slow. Burning up my mac. No other options? 


I want to like the new design manager and get used to using it but can't stand the delay and energy consumption. No idea how I'm going to create new content at this pace. Hubspot should fix this asap now that we're forced to use the new manager. 

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@Louis_Ross It seems to work best in Chrome, from what I've experienced. The speed has improved, but I definitely agree with you that it still needs some adjustments. 


I also don't use the undo/redo buttons unless I absolutely have to... It's almost like it can't catch up with what you're doing. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @Louis_Ross, can you reach out to Support regarding these performance issues you're encountering, and we can take a deeper look?

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Spoke to a support rep regarding the issue. After doing a screenshare it was concluded that the design manager was in fact very delayed and was a Hubspot problem. The rep did an HAR recording so the tech team could dig deeper. Still waiting for a follow-up. 

I primarily use chrome but tried other browsers.

- Chrome: very slow

- Safari: tiny bit better

- Firefox: basically non-responsive


Hoping there is a solution soon. In addition, Hubspot is also unable to hear how hard my fan is running to try and cool my overheating mac due to the overwhelming amount of energy Chrome is using to try and keep the design manager running. (I7 processor).