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Description Field in Reports on Dashboard

In the dashboards, there should be a description area below the report title on each report. It'll help anyone, regardless of team or role, understand the filters applied to and the goal of the report. It'd be cleaner than trying to include a brief description in the title itself.

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May 29, 2024 04:45 PM

Hey all! This has been out for awhile, marking as delivered.


Still happy to take feedback and issues! So don't hesitate to comment. Would love to hear more about the icon vs having it always display as text (that feels really useful, but maybe as a setting?) or how solid you find the AI generated descriptions. Thanks!

May 29, 2024 04:43 PM

Way late here but thank you @clmthaz thats no good! I'll raise this to the team.

September 21, 2023 12:35 PM

That's super helpful feedback @Caroline_S_Lane !

I know we also made some changes so it shows up from the "i" icon on dashboards with the hope that helps some folks who don't dig in as far. I'm hearing you'd like to see it below the title, is that in the "View & Filter" interface, on Dashboards, or somewhere else/all of these places?

Report Descriptions.png

In Beta
September 21, 2023 11:07 AM

We are in public beta! Feel free to check out the "Product Updates" page in your portal and search for "Descriptions" to opt in!

August 14, 2023 03:50 PM

Yes! Still adding folks so don't hesistate to reach out!

In Beta
July 12, 2023 04:53 PM

Hey all, just merged a few different ideas that were about this same subject all into this thread. If you receieved a notificaiton about a change, thats what it was. Again, let me know if you're interested in the Private Beta, thanks!


Here's a little image sneak peek for those interested in the "twist" I mentioned! (AI assistance to write it for you!)Report Descriptions Beta.png

Being Reviewed
June 23, 2023 04:17 PM

Hey all! PM from HubSpot Reporting here, there are a few ideas floating around with the same underlying need of Report Descriptions, but marking this one specifically.


This is in progress, with a fun twist as well 😉!


I'd love to get some folks into the Beta we are about to start. I will send out emails to folks who responded to this thread (or others) recently. Feel free to drop a comment if you're interested. Either way, excited to roll this one out soon!

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As a sales operations manager I would LOVE to add report descriptions because we have hundreds of reports in the system and different ways of cutting data and in current state I field several questions monthly of my leadership teams and end users wondering what certain reports mean, or why one report is different from another. 


An example is we can look at lead generation two ways - 1) MQLs generated by marketing and assigned or 2) ALL leads created by any channel. Leadership teams call both of those MQLs casually, so I'm constantly having to explain why one "Lead Report" has more on it than another one. Another use case for descriptions is I make a lot of "check engine" reports and would like to explain to the Sales Directors what their next step should be. Like "This report is showing leads created in the last 24 hours and not contacted yet. Either have your rep call within the next hour or have them clean up their hygiene/log their call to reflect engagement." 


Right now, an individual manager or leader in the company can't just casually look at dashboards and understand what's going on.. they need to be explained. This would take a lot of that heavy lifting off of our small sales operations team and lead to better decision making across all teams.

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I'd like to be able to add a description when creating custom reports. At this time it just says "This is a custom Contacts/Activities/etc report" which isn't very helpful in telling my team what it's reporting on.

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Add small descriptive box for each report on dashboards to allow explination of the report. 


Create custom section dividers and headers for each dashboard


Yes This would be great. Don't want too many dashboards but many reports in one dashboard is hard to navigate.  In a sales report to be able to add a divider and section header would be useful, eg "Lead generation" followed by next section "sales pipeline" etc. Easy to get lost now. 


I too would love this.


HubSpot reports currently have a field at the top of the report called 'About this report'. It would be helpful if this was an editable field to enter a description about the report for users.  


I've had to make reports with embarassingly long names to remind people what they are showing, and half the time it still isn't enough. Editing the about would save a TON of headaches!


I'm having the same problem. Would be great if I could edit it!


I want this so we can add Benchmarks to each report. Each KPI has a benchmark.


When creating a report, we should be able to add a description of the report that summarizes the purpose of the report in plain terms.  currently we have to open the reports, look at the criteria and filter options to make sense of what the report is trying to capture.


Must have! If Dashboards could have sections, more than 20 widgets, and descriptions they would be KILLER! As it stands now I have to add a text widget wasting 1 one of my 19 slots to try and explain how to use each report. Also can't use headers so people get so lost and confused.


We are running into the same issue and agree that it would be VERY helpful. There is, sometimes, additional information (beyond looking at the filters), that can be primordial to understand the nuances of a given report.


Thank you for considering this request.


When using Dashboards, there are hundards of reports displaying data. Having the ability to edit the 'About Report' section when you click on a report would allow managers/CEOs to understand what the data is showing. 


This feature already exisits for properites where you can describe what the property is intended for. 


Yes!  This is much needed!  I need to be able to add a description and explain a few fields in my reports.  

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Reports currently have a default description such as "This is a custom report". The ability to edit this would be really useful for providing context and an overview about the report. 


I can't believe this isn't possible already 🤯  🤯  🤯


I second this idea!! This would be very helpful for my entire team. Hoping HubSpot makes this possible soon!


Adding my voice to this request as well. Feels very important to be able to add a line or two of additional context to a report.


I can so agree to this. It's vital vital - reports can seem similar but specific filters have been applied for a specific reason. 
If we keep on not having this feature, the person who has created these reports will need to continuosly explain the logic behind it. 

Hubspot, do we have some updates on this? 


It could be great!