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Dependent fields in Service Support forms

I'd like to have the option of creating dependent fields in Support Forms. This is a "must have" if the support form will bring any value to us. I really hope this function becomes available sooner rather than later 🙂


It would also be beneficial with more than to levels of dependencies.

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I fully agree on this. The Support form is extremely limited and does not at all meet our requirements. 
I can not really see why we need a dedicated support form at all - the support forms should be designed as the rest of the forms. 

And please also consider making more levels of dependencies - I want my dependencies to have a next level of dependencies. 


I agree this should be added.


My use case for this is that we provide support for users trialling the three different software products we sell. Each product has different versions and different categories of problems. It would be good to have a "Select Application" field and then based on the option selected the correct pair of Software Version and Issue Category field would be presented to the user completing the ticket.


When will this be added? It makes no sense that it the ticket properties don't appear in the dependent field selector?


Hi team, 
I totally agree with the comments above; 

for our support channels we definitely needs some funneling and the contact form is 1 of them. 

So looking forward to hear if/when the dependent fields in the support form will be added.



Am I alone in thinking it is ridiculous that this simple functionality doesn't exist?

I am beyond frustrated.
From a code standpoint this is simple; please hotfix it ASAP.



I really support this idea, have seen may other many other support ticket platforms that do provide this and have worked with them in the past.


Just to add my voice to this conversation.  This functionality has been around for a long time in the other sections of the platform, why not this one? 

Also it is now August 2, 2019 and no response at all from any community professional or manager!


Can we get an estimate on this feature?


I am setting up my companies supprt pipeline, and this functionality is crucial. We have many complicated robotic platforms, and depending on which you select and what issue is selected, there is a need for particular properties to become mandatory before a ticket can be closed. I hope this gets added soon.


we need this very bad. there are many ticketing systems out there and all include this feature in their most basic edition.  


Please, we need this so bad. Smiley LOL Smiley LOL


This is really a must have. We try to make an efficient ticketing system, but right now we have to bend over backwards to make this works using special workflows etc. And still, it is not working as it should, as we cannot make fields required if a previous answer is yes or no. When a field is not required, it does not automatically show up in the required fields to fill out when you move a ticket from status A to status B, so you keep clicking, making mistakes, triggering a special 'check inputs' workflow.


Come on guys. Hubspot is great in many things. I love the marketing part, the sales part, but the service part needs attention. And not in the knowledge base section but in the 'general things'. I will not invest time in making a knowledge base section if I am not convinced that this system is doing all the basic stuff just right.

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Hi HubSpot Community,

I'm Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager.
I wanted to provide a quick update on this idea.

The ability to set up support forms with dependent fields in them is currently available in HubSpot. Go to Marketing -> Lead Capture --> Forms and create a new support form from scratch or edit an existing form. In the forms editor, you can add your ticket properties and set up your dependent fields there.


For more information, you can take a look at these Knowledge Base articles: 

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@JoeMayall any update on allowing dependent fields on Hubspot Tickets rather than just forms?


Hello @JoeMayall ,


Any updates on adding dependent fields to tickets?  The fact that they exist in Forms is nice, however the Category and Sub-Category fields remain completely independent once the ticket is created, which can be difficult to modify in case the original categorization is not accurate.

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@JoeMayall I've seen your answer to this, BUT

this feautre is available if user has Marketing HUG

if you are onlky using services

it is not posible.

So, I want to bring this again 

to be able to have dependent fields in Services Form



Well I just signed up for Service Hub and am already disappointed by a lacking functionality. I see it's been nearly a year since anyone posted on this. Seems like a relatively straight forward feature to add.


Hi @JoeMayall ,


All functionality in Marketing Hub's Form feature are absolutely great for customers, but we need to have that functionality for internal process. We should be able to build a custom form based on pipeline in Services object, Deals object, and Custom object.


Why not we we bring the functionalities from Marketing form into those?



will this feature be implemenmted for Service Tickets soon? dependencies are pretty standard on any form or template and are critical to ensure data gets captured without being missed


I totally agree that dependend fields are needed within the ticketing system

We are using the forms (connected to a ticket pipeline) to collect tickets, however also here are the following problems:
- dependendy is only possible for 2 Levels, not 3+
- I cannot use the same field for Level 2 twice (displaying just other values of the dropdown) which means i would have to built many fields for Level 2 which is not practicable for the teams.