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Dependent Fields on the Contact Record

I am surprised this hasn't been addressed but I would love to see dependant fields available on the contact, company, deal and ticket record. 


Clients ask me, almost weekly, if there's a "another drop-down that would pop-up depending on what I select."  We have that capability for website visitors using our forms, why not make it availble internal facing for Hubspot users as well? 

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I'm on a call at the moment with a client asking me the same thing! That would be awesome.



It's basically branch logic for properties.  If "A" then show "1, 2, 3" and if B, then show 4, 5, 6"  Game changer if we can get that...


This would be a good feature for all propertry fields. for example certian fields are shown when a certian customer type is selected, such certian fields in a customer type record and differnt than a partner record. 


I would like to see this feature as well as it would reduce errors and save sales time when entering in data regarding a deal