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Deleting submissions from the forms

I want to suggest a new feature to the Hubspot forms that could enable deleting "unwanted" submissions from the record. By "unwanted", I mean the test submissions made by the team members. 


In my case, before we launched the promotion of the form, we did some internal tests and made test submissions by members of our team (to make sure everything is working correctly). I'd like to have an option to delete those submissions to have a real conversion rate that excludes our team's submissions. When I don't have this option, the conversion rate I see is not relevant, so it's hard to draw any conclusions. 


I think it would be helpful to add the option "delete submission" (of course, for the specific level of permission, not for everyone with access). I believe that plenty of marketers could benefit from this feature and would like to test out their forms before making them live (without compromising the relevancy of the conversion rates).  

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I would also like the ability to remove the results of my personal testing from showing up in my metrics and reports.


Desperately need this. For smaller clients starting out it massively skews the reporting.


This issue really messes up the reporting for our business as well, as of now I need to manually log these KPIs before sharing with the board or collegues. E.g. if the team would like to see data on an eBook download, I need to update an excel sheet based on latest downloads before sharing instead of just taking a screenshot in HS. 


We urgently need that, too. That would make reporting much easier and create a better overview.


I really really need this too to get correct reporting - great idea. 


There is a thread from 2017 with over 200 replies asking for form deletions too. Please feel free to upvote it there as well so they can continue seeing the need for this. 


This is important for our team. We need to test the form with "fake" submissions that now skew the data. 


Agreed. If there is a way to remove individual form submissions, this would allow us to further define the data since some submissions might be irrelevant or a mistake, thus skewing the data when analyzing.


Hi all, if you have commented here and need this feaure, consider going to leave a comment on this other thread about this:


@SabariRama huge part of your hubspot community is asking for this feature and your lack of responsiveness is concerning. Can you please help?


Spam or test form submissions skew our data. Without being able to delete them in Hubspot, it forces our team to spend a ton of time and manual adjustments. This also makes it nearly impossible to tell our leadership team and shareholders the actual form submissions and whether or not Hubspot is worth keeping. That is the bizarre thing, we are actually making a decision about whether or not to keep using Hubspot based on our experience. Their lack of interest in a huge group of users explaining the need and requesting a better experience is mind boggling, especially because we all pay a lot to use Hubspot.


In addition, GDPR requires deletion of data if requested. How is this in compliance?

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When launching one of our newer HubSpot accounts, we accidentally integrated several FB accounts from other companies. We quickly fixed this mistake, but it did not prevent FB lead forms from importing into the new portal. Now, this client's portal has the choice to use a form from a VW shop, an outdoor retailer, and a personal injury attorney. There has to be a way to have this historical information deleted, right?

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This also would be of value to us. We have a lot of testing to do on forms that we are using to notify our external partners as well. Want to have clean analytics. Thanks.


It would be perfect to avoid false stats ! 


I agree, my data is inaccurate without further filtering. Before I send the form live I would like to be able to remove the 'test' data.


It also looks like this was requested back on 2017 with lots of upvotes and comments only to be dismissed in 2018 as 'not planned'.


It seems to me it would be a critical addition.