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Deleting submissions from the forms

I want to suggest a new feature to the Hubspot forms that could enable deleting "unwanted" submissions from the record. By "unwanted", I mean the test submissions made by the team members. 


In my case, before we launched the promotion of the form, we did some internal tests and made test submissions by members of our team (to make sure everything is working correctly). I'd like to have an option to delete those submissions to have a real conversion rate that excludes our team's submissions. When I don't have this option, the conversion rate I see is not relevant, so it's hard to draw any conclusions. 


I think it would be helpful to add the option "delete submission" (of course, for the specific level of permission, not for everyone with access). I believe that plenty of marketers could benefit from this feature and would like to test out their forms before making them live (without compromising the relevancy of the conversion rates).  

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I think the abiity to delete form submissions (especially test submissions) is a brilliant idea and would help for various reporting/analytics purposes 


We have a client that "mistakenly" submitted a legal problem as a response to one of our blogs. He called the next day and asked that the information he shared on the blog was private and that he wanted us to delete it. While I know the information he shared is not public, I'd still like to be able to honor his request and delete the submitted information.


We are currently setting up an integration with an event registration system. To do this, we've had to test the form first and then the integration. Now the registration system is full of test registrations that we can't delete because everything keeps syncing.


Very supportive of having a way to delete test submissions. It also skews the analytics when we report conversion performance to content owners. 


I agree, we have been testing forms on our new website and being unable to delete them is going to make reporting far more manual.


Agree, the form tests are skewing our data. This really needs to be addressed.


Agree with all of the above. This feature needs to be prioritized. 


I wish I'd never commented here. Now I get an email every time someone replies and I can't seem to turn it off. Hubspot is so dumb.


yes, please!


Yes, please, or at least allow to put a filter to exclude some emails used for test.
Actually, no one is launching a new form without testing it. So it's impossible to have a reliable report related to forms. 


This would be very useful, we've had the exact same problem. Has anyone from HubSpot addressed if this is in their pipeline?


Please can you implement this? So frustrating that we can't delete test submissions 


The main thread for this is here. Be warned, its a bit depressing


Suggestion might be you can archive test submission which would exclude them from analytics but maintain security and privacy compliance.  We tried to mitigate by filtering internal users IP addresses but this does not always work depending on where users are, especially as more users are working at multiple locations with COVID.


  • Add ability to archive a submission
  • Exclude archived submissions from anayltics
  • Exclude from submission view
  • Add archieved submission view where applicable

Great idea!


This would really help our reporting - we do occasional test submissions but also got a lot of non lead-generation submissions mistakenly using the wrong form. Really hope HubSpot permit this in future it will help analytics a lot!


Agree. One suggestion that Hubspot support makes is to test a form, then clone it and the page and rename it so the test data is not part of the form. That doesn't always work - and can defeat the purpose of testing.


Hubspot product managers, please see survey tools like Alchmer (formerly SurveyGizmo) for approaches to testing.


We need more control over our data and what data shows up in analytics. Thanks! 


PLEASE 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


So very much needed - please allow this ability


I agree, we are running into the same problem.  I was just on chat with someone from HubSpot and was told there's a practice mode for the highest level, but we are barely even scratching the surface of the level we are on and need to train our staff much more rigorously before thinking about investing in a more robust platform.  


Having a practice mode would alleviate this need to be able to delete items once submitted and give us a safe place (meaning no clients will be sent incorrect emails) while our staff trains.  




Suggestion that we have found helpful to address the issue of no "practice" or "test" mode: Create a list of contact that have made submissions (inder Contacts > Lists). You can edit the columns to show contact names, associated companies, and responses if those responses are set customer properties (maybe there are other ways to do this too). Then use the List filter capability to remove any of your testers. For us that included removing anyone from our company (easy to remove via filter based on email domain) as well as a few others (such as me using my gmail account to test).