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This is with regards to HubSpot sales CRM. Imagine what would happen if sales people start deleting deals when they can't convert? After all, who wants to close deals as lost? Who wants to accept the loss, especially sales people? 


The goal of having deal pipeline is to forecast revenue. However, if reps start deleting deals, how would the management hold them responsible? The management won't even know which deals got deleted and why. Further, imagine if reps start pushing close date every time when deals come due. How would the management know about it (in the absence of time stamp)? Therefore, the whole purpose of forecasting is getting defeated with HubSpot CRM. Reps can easily befool the management. 


I come from a company where we used Salesforce. The software has a feature to lock the delete button for the reps. It further has time stamp feature, which is really important to hold reps accountable to bringing business in timely manner. I do not have screenshots from Salesforce, but am sure your team can very well verify what I just wrote.


I understand sales CRM is not your core focus, but I still look forward to these features as your competitor could be using it against you. Rather, even we won't remain on the platform for long if the feature is not made available. 

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Completely agree with the above - any development planned for this?

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I haven't heard anything from HubSpot on this.

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I think a permission setting for certain users not to be able to delete deals should be straightforward as similar permissions already exist in the system.  Would be really helpful and avoid a lot of sales re-analysis!

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I agree - we're really exposed at the moment to sales people manually manipulating their pipelines!! Reporting and forecasting nightmare

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Agree - and there are several other functions we should be able to limit to specific permissions, or at least as an admin have visibility into.


Templates and sequences: many reps accidentally (or intentionally) create variants of core messaging that then skews our ability to measure the effectiveness of select templates and sequences.  Additionally, if they save those as private, we have no insight into whether their messaging is on point or even accurate.  


Dashboards: accurately applying filters -- especially date-specific -- can be tricky.  With no ability to see private dashboards, managers or reps may unintentionally misreport numbers.


Views: Reps can get crazy with this, and there's SO much clutter.  And while I don't believe it's a problem in our organization, what's to stop a rep from creating a private contact view of another rep's contacts to graze?  Or - the challenge we encounter - simply not applying filters accurately, thereby targeting the wrong leads or customers?

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same with contacts & companies. I can just see a ticked off sales guy leaving and sittering there and deleting all his contacts. There needs to definitely be more restrictions on deleting!

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We would definitely want this too. Annoying that it doesnt exist.

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Completely agree and it doesn't even seem possible to see who deleted a deal when someone does do it.


Please add as soon as possible to the right roles system.



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We have a very similar case. It would be ideal if the platform allowed business and contacts to be eliminated. Similarly restrict access to not eliminate business.