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Delete specific timeline events via API

The Timeline API has endpoints for creating and updating specific timeline events and deleting event types, but specific events cannot be deleted in the UI or via the API.


Instead, per this thread, events must be deleted manually my HubSpot employees.


Other forum discussions like this show that users feel pain around this and desperately want this feature.


Please upvote and comment on this post if you would like this feature request to be implemented.

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There are multiple Use-Cases here to be though of...

(most of the time cleanup related)


The email syncing system (Google->Hubspot) system has some filter possibilities, however this can not be enough in some cases. Sometimes you would like to filter additional e-mail events. By being able to delete specific events using the API  afterwards  we can implement these custom additional filters ourselves.


If we put certain custom events (custom event types) into a a timeline, for example software system state events , and if we would decide at a later stage that those specific events would be undesirable in the timeline we want to be able to clean this up.


If we would decide to test in a live hubspot situation, we want to be able to cleanup these test events.


HubSpot Employee

Thanks for posting your feedback, @msegers. Much appreciated!


Any update about this?

It's annoying for us that we can't delete events. We have a lot of events with the wrong data and it will so easy for us to delete these events and create new.




Still need a way to delete timeline events (via API).


We had a bug in a custom integration and the timeline of contacts got spammed with events.

As the events are actually relevant for reports and lists it is very annoying that we can't delete them.


We have one user (an automated user) that has hundreds of emails to many of our contacts. Would like to bulk delte emails sent from that specific user.


Dear Hubspot,
please provide a feature to delete a single timeline event.