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Delete or clear specific values from multiple checkbox property fields

We are beginning to use a "Customer Status" property that uses multiple checkbox values. Values include things like "At Risk," "Support Issue Outstanding," "Payment Lapsed," etc. This will add tremendous value to our CRM at the customer representative level and at the management level.


However, there's a major flaw in our plan. Once the data is populated it cannot be easily maintained through bulk edits in the Sales tool nor by workflows in the Marketing tool. That's because our only tool for editing the data in multiple checkbox fields is to append or replace values.


To make this work properly we need a way to bulk edit and delete specific values while retaining all the others.


It would also be nice to have a way to filter records for "happy" AND "payment lapsed". As it stands we can only filter for "happy" OR "payment lapsed."

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Same challenge here. Would love the option to remove a single value via a workflow. As it is now, leads have to be flagged and manually  updated.


This is an issue for my client as well, where I have saved each event into a single "events" property, a multiple checkbox.

It's an easy way to view which events the contacts are attending or have interest in!
However, if a contact has more than one event/checkbox in this property, there is no way to remove one event/checkbox in bulk. It has to be done manually,  causing a lot of extra work.


Work-around (although it's far from optimal):  I have to create a new property for each event instead, being a dropdown property with yes/no.


I now have to base future lists on a property for each event instead of just having a single property listed.


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@Stanczak @Tushano @ndwilliams3
I have another workaround that, while still manual, might save you quite a lot of time as it's a quick fix:

1) create a list of all contacts with the value you wish to replace

2) export & open in Excel

3) Do a Find & Replace, searching for the value you wish to delete, leaving the Replace field blank, then hitting replace all

3) Double check your fields hold the values you wish to keep in your multiple checkbox field in the correct format before re-importing

Things consider:
if the string of values has a semicolon before it, it will append the values to your checkboxes, if it does not, it will overwrite, such as this:



I would also recommend running an =TRIM( function to ensure you have no spaces at the beginning or end of your edited fields.

Let me know if you're having any difficulties with the above and I'd be happy to go into more detail on the Excel fixes for it!


@JoeDavies Great suggestion, Joe. Thanks for the walk-through. This could save a lot of time.


The remove function would be very useful for us as well.


Has there ever been a response from HubSpot regarding this limitation?

It seems that having the ability to uncheck an existing value without disturbing other checked values should be basic functionality supporting a data structure integrated into the program.


This would help us very much too. The only other workaround to do this in a workflow is going to be very painful, using a lot of if-thens.

For example, to remove option 3 from each contact, my workflow will need to look like this...

If property = ;option1;option2;option3;option4 then property = ;option1;option2;option4

if porperty = ;option1;option2;option3 then property = ;option1;option2

if property = ;option2;option3 then property = ;option2

if property = ;option1;option3 then property = ;option1

if porperty = ;option1;option3;option4 then property = ;option1;option4

if porperty = ;option2;option3;option4 then property = ;option2;option4

if property = ;option3;option4 then property = ;option4

if property = ;option3 then property = 


This need for 8 if-statements is still bearable. Problem is, my multi picklist has 6 options and not just 4! I have other multi picklists with 17 options...

This requested feature would really help!


Would also love to be able to remove property values from multiple checkboxes as they are "checked off" to highlight (in a new custom property) what boxes still need to be checked off by our Sales team. 


Same issue, seems like a no-brainer to remove a multi-select option automatically or just give the option when removing it as an option to say "Do you wish to remove this output from all Contacts, Companies, and Deals as well?"


Same here - so right now it's possible to set specific values of multiple checkbox properties, but it's impossible to clear specific values from multiple checkbox prosperties. This does not make sense! 🙂


I was able to do this via Workflow. It is a workaround that is done using an auxiliar variable. I can help you to do this in Hubspot.

Email me to


This is a HubSpot functionality issue that's been bugging me for a long time, and now it's showing up with a specific client.


This is only relevant to Multiple Checkbox data types. But in the "clear property" option in workflows - when you've got a Multiple Checkbox property selected - needs the option to clear 1) all, or 2) one or a list of specific checkbox options you've selected. 


Just a little gap in the HubSpot product that would make using Multiple Checkbox properties much more practical.


Please implement asap


agreed, please implement asap, both on appending (which can be done via workflow now), and delete (which needs this workaround). both are very cumbersome and difficult for not-as-tech-savvy SMB users. 


Thank you! 


We are missing this feature as well! All other options are so impractical and painful. So a big PLUS ONE for developing this option.


Another vote for this feature for me...


please implement this. want to remove all selected items in multi-select fields from a workflow


So surprising that this basic functionality is not in HS. 


Another vote for being able to remove single checkbox values via workflows..


Any update??