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Delete or clear specific values from multiple checkbox property fields

We are beginning to use a "Customer Status" property that uses multiple checkbox values. Values include things like "At Risk," "Support Issue Outstanding," "Payment Lapsed," etc. This will add tremendous value to our CRM at the customer representative level and at the management level.


However, there's a major flaw in our plan. Once the data is populated it cannot be easily maintained through bulk edits in the Sales tool nor by workflows in the Marketing tool. That's because our only tool for editing the data in multiple checkbox fields is to append or replace values.


To make this work properly we need a way to bulk edit and delete specific values while retaining all the others.


It would also be nice to have a way to filter records for "happy" AND "payment lapsed". As it stands we can only filter for "happy" OR "payment lapsed."

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This would be very helpful for us


Any update? Would be very happy to get this new feature as well 🙂


We need this ASAP. 


Almost four years later, but this remains an excellent idea!




A big disappointment right now. This feature is super important.


We would STRONGLY benefit from this feature for data clean up purposes! I would like to remove an option from our dropdown entirely, for all records. I tried to delete the option in the property settings, but the records which had it selected now display that option in red. Our users got confused because they were unable to update the property without deleting the old option.


Ex: Fruits they like: Bananas, Apples, Kumquats, Kiwis, Tomatoes.

Oops, we decided tomatoes are no longer a fruit and we want to remove the option from this dropdown. I delete it in the property settings.

Now the record says a person likes "Bananas, Kumquats, Tomatoes" and people are confused when they try to update it because they have to remove Tomatoes.

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HubSpot...any update here?


yes pleas!!! Can we "disappend" value from the multiplecheckbox property by bulk edit or workflow? PLEEEEEEAAAASE


Yes, we need this as well. Weird that it isn't a feature yet, renders the multiple checkbox feature useless for us if we can't deselect a specific checkbox...


Same challenge for us. Need to clear a specific value from a multiple checkbox property. Right now it's only possible to replace och clear the entire property. 

Clear value in workflow, should work in the same way as the add value function. Choose property (multiple chechbox) and then choose value to clear. Simple!

HubSpot, please implement asap!!


Our issue is we need three lifecycles for 3 different products. We have prospects, clients and partners. A partner can be a partner for one product, a client and a partner for another (so single selection options don't work) and a prospect and a partner for the third. It's removing just the prospect option that is killing me. The prospect can be a prospective partner, or a prospective client.  They are all in one property at the moment - but even if I split it out into 3 properties (per product), I still need the ability to keep one option when I remove the other. The lifecycle property also don't have the option of partner. So we are really stuck.




How is it possible that such a basic function is not available and that Hubspot is totally ignoring this ? 


I am puzzled by this.


I would like to see this feature added as well, bulk removing a single checkbox option is needed, as well as the option to remove that option from all of the fields populated when deleting that from the list of options in the property settings. Once that property value is deleted, it doesn't make sense that it remains on all of the fields.