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Delete form submissions

Often times we enter fake data into our own form to test workflows or we get spammed with fake accounts. I'd like the ability to delete form submissions so they don't impact the metrics.

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May 30, 2024 06:15 AM

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Sabari Ram, the Product Manager for this feature.

I am super excited to announce that the ability to delete form submissions is now available to all customers. 🎉

You can read about the feature in this KB Article.

Thank you all for taking the time to submit, vote and comment on this Idea.



Sabari, Product Lead

In Beta
March 20, 2024 12:41 AM

Hi everyone,


I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to submit, vote, and comment on this Idea.


My name is Sabari Ram, and I’m the Product Manager responsible for this feature. 

I'm happy to announce that this feature is now In Private Beta.

You should be able to request access to the private beta from under "Product updates" in your  HubSpot portal.


I will keep this thread updated when we make this feature generally available to all. 





October 17, 2023 01:42 PM

Hi Everyone, 

We are actively building this feature. I will keep this thread updated as we get close to releasing the feature. Thank you for your patience.



Sabari Ram

Product Lead

May 17, 2023 05:25 AM

Hi Everyone, 

I am the PM for the Form Submissions product area. I am excited to inform that we have started to work on this request. I will keep this thread updated once we have delivered this feature. Thank you all for your patience. 



Sabari Ram

Being Reviewed
June 15, 2022 06:29 AM

Hi folks,


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important. We are currently exploring the possible ways to solve this problem.


Any news about this feature request will be relayed on this thread, so please stay tuned!


Sabari Ram

Product Manager

December 16, 2021 01:35 PM

Hi Everyone,

I am the Product Manager for the Forms product.

I would like to inform you that we are actively looking into this need and I will keep this thread updated once we move forward on this.



Sabari Ram

Senior Product Manager, Forms


Not Currently Planned
September 10, 2020 06:14 AM

Hi all, 


My name is Tom I'm on the forms team within HubSpot. 

At the moment we don't have plans to allow the deletion of form submissions as this would negatively effect reporting and analytics within the forms tool. 

Allowing test submissions is something we've been discussing and we may address submission deletion or test submissions within the future, but for the moment we do not have plans to introduce this functionality within the near future. 

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Any update on this? When will we be able to delete form submissions? 


6 Years Later and Still Waiting for a Basic Feature...


"6 Years Later and Still Waiting for a Basic Feature..." 


I didn't even notice this has been onging since 2017... this is ridiculous. I wonder if @RafiPN is still even here?

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@TylerG fields with contact details are still shown in the form submissions, if a contact has been removed. This is extremely sensitive, if you have to delete data for legal reasons. 


In survey platforms you often can send a preview/test survey out - maybe it would be possible to do the same with forms?

It's not possible to truly test forms if they're not from the same source. We use HubSpot forms so we would need to test HubSpot forms. It really became an issue when we set-up our Google Conversion Tags and Google needed to submit numerous forms to test. Our numbers are now affected because we can't delete submissions, which seems like a very basic feature.

Its been a while since your last update. May we get any update please?


Following for updates!


I see that this request was submitted as early as 2017... can we please work on this? Between us testing forms, people submitting forms incorrectly, and people being asked to be removed, it's not great that we do not have the ability to delete form submissions. I'm sure there are a lot of areas the developers are working on as we see constant improvements in Hubspot... hoping to nudge this as it's a control we'd like to have over form submissions. 


Any word on this feature going live?


Expected completion date?


We need to edit the form submissions so we don't have to go through the spam and solicitation submissions. Analytics would be more accurate if we can remove unwanted results!


We didn't have Captcha on one of our forms. This resulted in the same bot filling it out hundreds of times, completely skewing our metrics. It's so frustrating that we can't delete those submissions as they're listed as 'no contact found', but still count. This means our dashboards look VERY healthy for the month at a glance before I've to explain to management, that our metrics aren't correct. 


Hi @SabariRam !


It's been 9 months since this feature started being developed. Any news?

this functionality will be super helpful to provide more accurate insights and remove all the form submission tests we do whenever we create a new form.


many thanks!


Still waiting on this one


Hello, is there any update on this feature? 


"Glacially slow" is the phrase that comes to mind when describing HubSpot feature development.

There is another feature request on these forums that is YEARS old... and the kicker? When they finally do implement your requested feature it'll be locked under an enterprise tier sales account... despite it very much being a necessary marketing feature. Such is life I guess.


We have quite a few test submissions on our forms from testing functionality and workflows. It would be great if we had the option to delete these test submissions so they don't impact metrics. 


I'm late to the party, but have added an upvote! We also have the need to delete out 'test' forms & 'spam' forms. Looks like it's being worked on... albeit slowly... any updates?


We are particulary interested in this idea for testing purposes, but don't want to polute the dat or performance. Often we need to test forms in LIVE environment to test complete end-to-end process (e.g. follow-up tasks in SFDC were generated and assigned to the right persons and right automation flows are triggered).

Once the testing has sucssefully been completed, we want to be able to remove these submissions, ideally only super admins are able to do so.

Cheers, Cynthia


Can someone open a Patreon account for this feature? I understand Hubspot does not want to allocate a few thousand dollars to hire a developer to add this feature. Or, they are not adding this feature on purpose, as forum activity contributes to their SEO. I can't think of any other reason why they are so unresponsive to their customers, and ironically, they are a "customer relations" management software company.