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Often times we enter fake data into our own form to test workflows or we get spammed with fake accounts. I'd like the ability to delete form submissions so they don't impact the metrics.

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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Sep 10, 2020

Hi all, 


My name is Tom I'm on the forms team within HubSpot. 

At the moment we don't have plans to allow the deletion of form submissions as this would negatively effect reporting and analytics within the forms tool. 

Allowing test submissions is something we've been discussing and we may address submission deletion or test submissions within the future, but for the moment we do not have plans to introduce this functionality within the near future. 

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
Jun 3, 2020

Hi HubSpot Community,


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful comments on this post. Your feedback helps us build better products.


I think this a great Idea! I'm happy to say we are currently reviewing this request and its feasibility. At this time I don’t have any details around timing or delivery, but all updates will be relayed on this thread.

I am changing the status of this idea to Being Reviewed as our team scopes out this work.


Nov 1, 2018

We don't currently have anything planned to allow "fake" or test submissions on our forms. For analytics reasons we don't currently have anything planned to allow the removal of form submissions or views on any forms. 


This is something we may revisit within the future. But for the moment we don't currently have any testing outside of whats available within our preview panel within the forms editor on our roadmap. 

Re: Delete form submissions - changed to: Not Currently Planned
Nov 1, 2018

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I want to be able to remove "test" contacts from being counted as a lead.

If I'm testing a form, I want to see that the form went through and get the follow up email, but I don't want it to go in our email marketing system as a marketing qualified lead.

I want to be able to block email domains e.g. from my company name from a buyer's journey/customer life cycle stage.

Test contacts mess up metrics. And I work out of several office locations so filtering by IP address doesn't help.


Do I have to create a rule in workflows for this? 


This would be a really helpful feature to be able to define 'test contacts' in the system who won't count as leads. Thanks.


Yes! Really need this feature!


 Agree here. It's a necessary feature for accurate data reporting. I'm surprised that this isn't already an option - for QA purposes, there will always be people testing forms and those submissions skew the data and disrupt our organization's usage of HubSpot.


Please add this feature - I have been filtering out IPs as a workaround but it would be so much easier to just remove test submissions.


This is really critical - not only is it difficult to test, and yes IP address filtering works, but I have third party pay-per-click sites that want to test their own conversion tracking and I can't control them from testing that.  I also often get duplicate submissions back to back that are truly only a single submission being counted twice. We also have companies trying to sell the use that might use a form to contact us, not a conversion we want to count either.


At the end of the day, I want to do landing page re-writes and test different things, but its hard if you can't trust the data to know if you've made any improvements.  Please move this up the development list.




This is a real need.  I was very surprised to see that I cannot delete form submissions that I submitted as a test.  Now I need to remember to delete them from every export of the results.


This is a critical need.


 This would really help us clean our data - we are testing our forms weekly which results in dirty data that could be easily prevented with this feature. It's not practical for us to remove IPs or do any sort of similar workarounds as we have our field sales team (based all around the US and the world) downloading our brochures (to tune into the user XP) which means removing IPs is practically impossible. Thank you


Yes please activate this Hubspot. We get spam form completions everyday and this makes reporting to our board difficult as they will look inside HS to get numbers and then we have to frequently fight this fire when we submit our reports.



I agree, this feature could be very helpful in cleaning up our data.


This would be a nice enhancement, epecially when the forms are being used for events.  It would be easier to manage the list within HubSpot, instead of exporting and then making the edits.  This type of process leaves much room for errors.


Along with this idea, I'd love to have the ability to update fields after the original submission to prevent duplicate submissions.


Definitely onboard with this idea! All of the "test" submissions throw off the data and it's a pain to remove them from the exports. 

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Also agree. Please please.




Yes, please add this feature!


Please add this feature. Dupes and tests keep throwing off counts. I would like the ability/option to delete form submissions so they don't impact the metrics.


 Agreed. This should be developed. This can heavily skew a campaign's numbers.


Yes, please add this feature!

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This is a MUST for GDPR compliance - we need to delete submissions from clients on requests or after a certain period of time.