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Delete form submissions

Often times we enter fake data into our own form to test workflows or we get spammed with fake accounts. I'd like the ability to delete form submissions so they don't impact the metrics.

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Highly doubt that this is going to change any time soon @Jbigs ... This is your best bet


This is such a vitial function that's needed! It's not always possible to clone to test, sometimes you just have to work on the live stuff. Deleting test data is KEY to making sure that our reporting is accurate, without tones of manual process afterwards.


Tout à fait d'accord ! je viens de rencontrer le même problème... je m'inquiète d'ailleurs que la solution  n'existe pas après plus d'un an de signalement 



Agreed! I'm honestly shocked there isn't a way to do this. I had planning on using HubSpot to track our event registration and management but don't think I can if there's not a way to update the status on someone's registration form they submitt. I'm really disappointed this isn't a feature. Our previous platform, which was terrible even had a way to do this.


We definitely need this! Sometimes people submit forms twice by mistake, and it throw off our analytics. Being able to delete form submissions without having to delete an entire contact record is crucial. Looking forward to seeing this implemented.

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Folks, it's not just a matter of deleting incorrect or tested submissions. It is also about important GDPR conventions, where some submissions have to be deleted after a certain time (e.g. personal files). The fact that the issue has now been downgraded proves that you don't see the urgency, which is extremely disappointing. Our customer is probably forced to move the forms to other solutions, which is probably not your intention. What a pity!


I've been following this issue for awhile now and am very disappointed this hasn't been approved yet. It's a nobrainer. What is the reason why hubspot set it up the way they did in the first place? Our data is skewed which defeats the purpose of using the forms, especially if the data is being presented / published publicly.


Looking forward to hearing from hubspot.


Any news on this feature? it will help a lot! Thank you.


I see a comment from Sabari Ram on June 15, 2022, that Hubspot is exploring this feature request. Are there any new updates to this, as 6 months have passed? 


We really need this too - we work with hundreds of contractors who submit on the wrong forms, and I always test forms on more than one occassion. It means I can't really use my automated data for these forms and "at a glance" numbers like the conversion rate is completely wrong. Hope this gets solved soon!


I see there's an update from June 2022 stating they're considering it, but is there an update on this?


I find it more than disappointing that a request to have simple testing functionality has still not been addressed (almost 5 years after the original post!!?).


The integrity of data is vital, and lacking the ability to amend incorrect or duplicate form submissions, or test form workflows and automations, is nothing short of ridiculous, and undermines the value of hubspot's analytics.

100% agree. This is a simple functionality that Marketo and various
competitors offer.

I can't believe this still isn't fixed. I've been subscribed to this thread for years. Momentarily had hope in June, but now I just think this company does not care enough about its customers to fix such an obvious problem like this.


I wonder if the time it's taking is related to the contact re-conversion or contact adding that happens with forms. I wonder if you could "close" a form and "convert/add all forms" as another step... that would allow you to delete submissions from "close" to "convert/add"... You could also offer this as an option instead of the standard if folx wanted forms to feed in automatically. I agree that this NEEDS to be fixed. I will have to move applications, registrations, and other functions away from HubSpot. The less things I can use HubSpot for, the more I think about other CRM providers while our company is still in start up phases.


Everyone tests their form, besides, we can identify for ourselves which data shouldn't be in the analytics, whether it is a duplication, a mistake or a test, we should be able to delete them to achieve an accurate anlytical performance.

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This feature would be super helpful! 


Yes, please, I have a form where i had 14 tests and it's really messing up our analytics


How is this still not available? Is there a timeline for when it will be agreed upon internally (going off the June update) and when it does get approved - when will it be implemented?


This simple feature shouldn't take 6 YEARS to create.. I wonder how many people asking for this since 2017 have switched over to Salesforce 🤔


Yes, this is so needed! The forms metrics aren't very helpful for us because we do so much testing and QA on our site that they are heavily skewed. We have to pull everything out manually and redo the metrics outselves. Seems it could be done by one of two ways:

- a check box of what form submissions to remove after they have been submitted

- adding "exclude from metrics" into the form where you can enter domain names. That way you could add your own company domain/s to exclude from metrics. You could still test but it wouldn't affect your metrics.


Besides, if I would like to delete my own submissions, which are result of the form testing, it will also help. Otherwise I will have to clone the form and change already designed landings and web-pages.