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Delete form submissions

Often times we enter fake data into our own form to test workflows or we get spammed with fake accounts. I'd like the ability to delete form submissions so they don't impact the metrics.

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Not sure if this has been mentioned (there are a lot of comments on this topic!) but this also ties strongly into how we have to track referrals.  Because HubSpot does not have a good system for referral tracking (a separate frustration of ours), we enter our referral information through forms. 


Sometimes there is human error and a typo will occur, or an incorrect option will be selected when completing the referral form.  The inability to internally edit or delete a form submission means that the results will forever be incorrect on our reporting which is very problematic since those reports are needed for KPI assessment at our company.


We really do need the ability to at least delete form submissions, please!


Yes, please add this feature!


Yes we need to have this if we want to use HS  as main source for basic measurement metrics, if we dont have it, we have to go back to spreadsheets for every basic metric measurement


I don't know how this hasn't been implemented yet


@SabariRam Do you have an update on this? It's been a bit since december.

I know! It’s ridiculous!

This is my exact need. Do we know any time period for this?


We really need this feature. In other marketing automation platforms I've worked with, this can be done easily. It makes for more accurate reporting, and also cleans up the form submission export list.


This is not a gap around data protection laws? 


Say you use a form to collect personal information. Individuals have the right to have their personal details deleted ("right to be forgotten"), especially for data subjects in the EU.


There needs to be a way to delete or anonymise personal data collected via a form. 


This feature is needed! Sometimes we use our real accounts to test forms and workflows which messes with reporting information  -- we shouldn't have to delete the entire record, just the form submissions. 


This is a problem for me and my team as well. We do a events and before to open the form officaliy we do a test registrations. 

Now they are together with the real ones and it's not good at all because I don't have the correct information how many registrations we have 


I'd love this feature as well! We always test our forms and thend delete the contact, but it still shows up in the form submission data.


I want to call attention to another problem created by this: The inability to delete form submissions also means it's not possible to delete campaign members from SFDC campaigns that are connected to the forms, because the deleted members sync right back in.


Yes, agree. It's definitely a basic feature. 


Need this for correct reporting!
FYI there is another post about this here, so if everyone upvotes this one too maybe we can get soem additional traction 🙂 


Please make it possible to delete submissions or add "test" submissions. Currently there is no way to see if the form functions propertly without skewing analytical data with fake submissions by our team. High priority. 


Like many have stated, this would not just be useful for deleting test submissions. We would like to be able to delete "junk" submissions and false leads. This would be very critical for our reporting. We use many other methods to filter this out but they are all very manual and stack in tedium and to keep track of things. 


@SabariRam Please provide an update on where we are at with this request. This is infuriating that Hubspot does not have the BASIC BASIC ability to delete form submissions. We get so many spam and junk form submissions that throw off our metrics and reporting. Not only that, but the inability to delete test submissions is absolutely ridiculous. For a software that we pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to use, that is a leader in the industry, you would think that they would have a VERY SIMPLE feature like deleting form submissions. I would like to reiterate something others have mentioned, that the inability to delete form submissions is a violation of the GDPR laws. How has Hubspot not done this yet? Look at how many people you have upset, Hubspot. Please fix this ASAP. I can't believe this. 

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This ability is crucial for one of our clients, because site users have potentially been entering private health info into forms. While I can clear the field data from the contact records, the actual data is still visible in the contact record history. I can prevent this from happening going forward, but how do I clean out what's potentially already there?


Pinging @SabariRam again to request an update on this.