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Delete form submissions

Often times we enter fake data into our own form to test workflows or we get spammed with fake accounts. I'd like the ability to delete form submissions so they don't impact the metrics.

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I agree, we have been testing forms on our new website and being unable to delete them is going to make reporting far more manual.


Another vote here, saying this is IMPORTANT.  Our team has tested our form several times, creating irrelevant and inaccurate "test" submissions that are skewing are data.  In the latest response from HubSpot, you say deleting submissions would skew the data.  Actually quite the opposite.  It would allow us to fix our data.  And if some company wants to skew their data intentionally...that's not HubSpot's job to monitor, right?  

Allow the paying customers to edit their data as needed, please! 


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Hi, This is a feature that we would like also. On one day we got 500+ spam form submissions (we didn't have Captha turned on unfortunately) on July 28th. 


Now our analytics for form submissions is skewed b/c of the spam submissions.


Are there any plans to allow for deletion of such spam submissions? So, we don't need a feature to submit test submissions, but rather to delete a ton of these malicious form submissions.




Agree, the form tests are skewing our data. This really needs to be addressed.


Hi - just chiming in with the crowd here that we really need this feature to clean up our data and for GDPR compliance. 


Please add this feature! We test all of our forms, sometimes many times. I'd like to remove these submissions, so they don't impact our data. Also, I'd like to remove form submissions from people that sign up for our events and then cancel later. 




Agree with all of the above. This feature needs to be prioritized. 


I wish I'd never commented here. Now I get an email every time someone replies and I can't seem to turn it off. Hubspot is so dumb.


yes, please!


Yes, please, or at least allow to put a filter to exclude some emails used for test.
Actually, no one is launching a new form without testing it. So it's impossible to have a reliable report related to forms. 


This would be very useful, we've had the exact same problem. Has anyone from HubSpot addressed if this is in their pipeline?

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It is very important that we have a way to either/or - preferably both of the following

1 - Delete form submissions
2 - Block analytics from tracking contacts in Hubspot based on their "exact match" or "contains x" in email - not IP, as we know the remote working - which is now normal - doesn't work with IP.

We are required to test form submissions and chatbots 100s of times internally before they go live. When reporting on contacts with the most activity our testers are skewing the results. While we are able to delete these contacts - it is important that we are able to delete individual submissions. 

Appreciate an update on when this feature will be put in place @Tom - without it, we might have to look for a new solution for our enterprise clients, as the reporting is really messed up. Thank you kindly!


Just giving this request another bump. This would be a useful feature for me.


Please can you implement this? So frustrating that we can't delete test submissions 


How does this feature not exist? I'm floored.


@Tom I hope you're well. It looks like there have been several passionate responses on this thread since your post one year ago.


A few people have tried to tag you, and the conversation appears to be ongoing with the same energy. I was wondering if you've had a chance to read any of the responses to your Sept. 2020 post and if anything has changed on the HubSpot end.


Thank you!


Might as well tag @Joementum as well as he was one of the ones who gave a slight glimmer of hope this would be fixed back in 2020. This really could use another look, baffling how something that affects core functionality like this is ignored.

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why is this almost 400 votes idea not implemented yet?


The main thread for this is here. Be warned, its a bit depressing


This is such a rudimentary request. Any reporting tool would allow for this. Or at the very least, allow us to tag a submission as a test and have it not counted (especially if it comes from an email on our domain). HubSpot Tom saying this feature would "negatively impact reporting" sounds like the team just doesn't want to have to figure out how to add the feature and would rather gaslight us into thinking this is a bad idea lol.