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Often times we enter fake data into our own form to test workflows or we get spammed with fake accounts. I'd like the ability to delete form submissions so they don't impact the metrics.

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We need to be able to delete Contact Us forms to ensure we don't reply twice or miss any. It's a real pain not being able to.

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How do we escalate this issue?  I would think that HubSpot would look at the 136 community members who have upvoted and or commented that this is an issue - because for the 136 upvotes there are MANY others - I would be willing to bet that EVERY HubSpot user has this issue, unless they just don't care about their reports being accurate.  This needs to be resolved or at least put on a roadmap for future implementation.  

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Hey all so I've got a fix, workaround, whatever you want to call it for this. After I saw the last post I decided to ask our HubSpot partner about this and they told me if you enter as the email address on the form your testing it will ensure the data is not tracked. 


Here's a video and step by step:


Hope this helps everyone.

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I was very surprised that there is no such feature yet, I am now left with multiple test form submissions that I don't need anymore!

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The fact that this is a limitation in the first place in mindblowing. The idea that this has been "worked on" for the past year is even more mindblowing.

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Hé Hubspot, 


I agree and support this feature for Hubspot. 

A simple remove button for your test applications.  🙂


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This would be so helpful. Right now the fake information that we submit into our own forms to test workflows is messing up our counts. I'd like the ability to delete form submissions so they don't impact the metrics. Is there still no way to do this? Developers, please take note that the community wants this.

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Yes please! Pretty much every client we work for would love this.

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Anybody heard an update from HubSpot on this one? I just did our 2019 Year reporting and it's so difficult to pull the correct # because we can't delete submissions. 


That, plus overall forms reporting is lacking within HubSpot. I need to be able to pull reports by forms, not by contact. We have many forms that are filled out multiple times by the same contact. It's really a roadblock that we can't pull this data from the reports tool. It makes me hesitant to present any metrics or ROI since I know the data is dirty and I can't run a report in the manner I need to.

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I completely agree. There has to be a way to remove test submissions.

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Yep, I need this as well, need to delete test submissions, Not sure what the team needs for this to qualify for planned?

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Disappointing... What do we have to do get something so simple Hubspot? 

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100% Agree. This is causing issues with data and reporting. For goodness sake, even Eloqua can delete submissions.

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Totally agree. At least tell us if there are any plans in the pipeline!

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I would like to possibility to delete submissions on a form as these are sometimes not approved or test ones that I don't want to be included when I download all submissions from a form. 


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We often run test enquiries on our Hubspot enquiy form to ensure things like the below are working:

1. New form features

2. Google Ad words

3. Google Analytics tracking

4. Workflows


We have Hubspot dashboards that report on our enquiries and it's extremely hard to make our dashboards useful and relevant to management when the stats presented are not reliable.


This would have a major positive impact on our hubspot UX

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I agree. 4 years later.... this is still a required feature by many... is there any update here from Hubspot?


I just asked the HubSpot support team about this last week with no solid response to when this would be fixed. They acted like I should "just deal with it"... 


I don't see it coming anytime soon.

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Ughh! Bad news! Smiley Indifferent

Having to manipulate the data outside of HubSpot totally defeats the purpose of their reporting tools that they keep expanding.