Delete email addresses from contact record

I know it's seen as bad practice and I know why HubSpot doesn't currently allow it.


But really guys, sometimes we actually do need to delete an email address from a contact record.


I have historical contacts with important notes and history that have never had a valid email address in the email property. Or, someone in our organization entered a bad email address years ago and now it's permanently enshrined on the contact record, causing confusion and bounced marketing emails.


Perhaps when a HubSpot user attempts to clear an email address you can present us with a dire warning and then let the user make that decision themselves. Or, make it an advanced permission that only administrators can enable for themselves.


Either way, deleting the contact record or creating custom properties (as suggested here) are not viable solutions.

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Hi,  This one really baffles us here.  There are many cases where we need there to be A contact without an email or we do not know what the email is yet.   

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I agree!  I have the same problem!  HubSpot, this needs to be fixed ASAP!!!

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I found a temporary work around

change the first part of the email address to unknown.  Messy but works for me.

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Yes, I already do something

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How do you do this in a workflow?


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It would be fantastic if the function to delete an incorrect email from a contact record were added! I just ran into the same issue!

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It would be nice to have that option in the future. At times we have contacts that have moved on and are no longer with a particular company. Or we may realize that the email address is incorrect, but don't have an accurate one.
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Yes, it would be great to be able to delete wrong emails on a contact. 

This has been very frustrating that it is not an option. 


I too would like the option to delete an email address from a contact, so that one can leave the email address field blank. 


It's 2019 for God's sake. This should be a basic functionality by now. 

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This is something that should be changed ASAP.