Delete email addresses from contact record

I know it's seen as bad practice and I know why HubSpot doesn't currently allow it.


But really guys, sometimes we actually do need to delete an email address from a contact record.


I have historical contacts with important notes and history that have never had a valid email address in the email property. Or, someone in our organization entered a bad email address years ago and now it's permanently enshrined on the contact record, causing confusion and bounced marketing emails.


Perhaps when a HubSpot user attempts to clear an email address you can present us with a dire warning and then let the user make that decision themselves. Or, make it an advanced permission that only administrators can enable for themselves.


Either way, deleting the contact record or creating custom properties (as suggested here) are not viable solutions.

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agree this is required. we have clients that give us thier worke mail and then move jobs, and it can be a while before we get a new email - and we keep in touch via phone. Also we are in South Africa and a lot of our clients dont even have an email address. I dont want to keep putting contacts on email lists when I know they dont have a valid email. 



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This is phenomenally lame and is one of the reasons we might leave Hubspot. We simply do not have email addresses for many of our contacts, and we cannot get them. When we imported contacts into Hubspot, it auto-fiilled with wrong email addresses, and now we can't get them out. I created a fake one,, and now it won't let me use that more than once. Please fix!! This is so stupid.

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This restriction is really not well thought out. We have plenty of contacts where we only have phone numbers and no email addresses, what are we supposed to do with those? It's making it very hard to automate processes. It would be nice to at least have the choice between phone number or email as required fields, not solely email.  

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I totally agree with maclochlainn !


We loose so much time and it will be easier to delete the wrong adress email. 


The first goal of a CRM is to be "clean" so in other words it needs to maximise our time.

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This is a really good recommendation ! 

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Hi guys,

I do agree with u.

Hubspot MUST let us delete the wrong email in order to avoid any error for my colleagues and myself.

Please take into account that idea and try to develop a new functionality asap.

Thanks and regards,

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Ils ont raison !

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I totally go along with this idea which will help us being more effective everyday !

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I agree ! 

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Yup. New HubSpot user here too and I'm in the process of cleaning up our contact list. There are contacts that have left their old jobs but are still valuable. We just need to find their new emails! I have them associated with the new company they're working at, however their contact page still shows their old company logo as their contact photo due to their old email address! In order to correct that I had to make a dud email address Smiley Sad