Delete contact option in workflows

Include an option in workflows to delete a contact. So if they meet the criteria to be entered into the workflow, it would then delete them from our database entirely. This would be helpful for those who come to our site and fill out forms with information which is a 100% clear sign that we do not want to market / sell to them in any way.

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This feature would be very helpful for us as well as we have contacts who should no longer be in our database and manually cleaning them out is very time consuming. 

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Please add this option.

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This would be great for automated database cleanse (bounces / unengaged / disqualified).

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I agree with everyone here. Including those that have surmised the reason that this option is not and probably will not be included.  This topic has been around for months, but not one comment from anyone at Hubspot.....  


Remember that we are in a pay per contact environment.  They don't want to make it too easy to remove contacts or revenue goes down.  Never kill the cash cow.



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@hubSpotDev any updates on this?


Don't think that's a valid tag - but someone from HubSpot, please reply and let us know what the progress is like on this one, please. 

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It would be very useful to include this as an option in workflows. It would save our team a heck of a lot of time.

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I would love to have that option as well. Any news about that how to deal without so far (manually)?