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Include an option in workflows to delete a contact. So if they meet the criteria to be entered into the workflow, it would then delete them from our database entirely. This would be helpful for those who come to our site and fill out forms with information which is a 100% clear sign that we do not want to market / sell to them in any way.

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Sometimes contacts get into my system that I don't want to keep.  I have criteria that then places them in a list.  What I need to be able to do is run a workflow to keep the list clean - automatically remove the contacts.  How can this be achieved other than the manual bulk delete?

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We get quite a bit of SPAM and contacts from China that we do not want in our database.  If there was a way that a workflow using specific criteria to delete a contact, that would be very helpful.  Thanks for your consideration! 

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 Great idea.

Need something close to that, since a workflow can be a powerfull tool to manage absent contacts.

Let's say a contact does does not visit a page, or click a email for 30 weeks. I can send them an email to tell them that "we miss them" but we need to know if they are still interested. If they don't click the email to be re-engaged, then the contacts could be deleted.


Doing something close to this, but with a manual action in the middle. Because the workflow never deletes contacts. Only removes them from lists.


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Get a feeling HubSpot don't want us to be able to delete contacts automatically. It can be done through the API, but they've not built a list/workflow functionality for it, yet?

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I was looking for a similar solution, without success.

I think is more legal concern.

In Russia you mustn't save data of customers on a database not in Russia, so you can use the Hubspot as form request just to send an email to the Russian partner (or do something else) and permentaly delete the customer.


The workaround I found at the moment is to create a List (i.e.: RUSSIAN CONTACTS), put the customer in this list by workflow and manualy delete every day.



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This would be really helpful (if not crucial) in making european companies GDPR complient. 

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I am also looking into it. It looks the only way is to add them to alist and than delete the list manually - I hope they will automate this in the future. 

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since we don't have any email validation service in place this would be our solution to delete any spam contacts.

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I agree, I have to add my contacts in a static list and use the Hubspot API to clean it everyday. Fortunately I have a technical background and I can automate this task but I find this feature would be very valuable and is needed to maintain our list of contacts clean.


You have my vote!

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Agree! I was just looking for a way to delete contacts by using a workflow. Our digital marketing is aimed at the US, since we have Int'l reps that do their own campaigns.