Delete contact option in workflows

Include an option in workflows to delete a contact. So if they meet the criteria to be entered into the workflow, it would then delete them from our database entirely. This would be helpful for those who come to our site and fill out forms with information which is a 100% clear sign that we do not want to market / sell to them in any way.

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Is this not a feature yet? It seems reasonable to be able to delete prospects data who you are emailing with legitimate interest who don't respond after 30 days right? 

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Yes - we really need this deletion via Workflows. The point of a Marketing Automation system is to enable/simplify automation. HubSpot is great at that in general. GDPR requires data controllers not to hold data for a longer period of time then necessary, hence automation of deletion is needed. Regardless of how HubSpot business model works Smiley Wink

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great idea. I would use this to delete internal contacts created by our developers & testers.

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We'd like to be able to remove @test email addresses that our team uses to test our forms/sales funnel. We'd ideally like to remove these automatically, vs having to manually remove them on a monthly basis.


We'd also like to be able to automatically remove hard bounces from our system. There is not currently an easy way to separate hard bounces from soft bounces.

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Hello Community,


to be surely GDPR compliant, its necessary to delete contacts, and not to keep information longer then needed.

In germany we have also the Law against Unfair Competition, and there it says that Double Opt In is needed and the only way to be responsible on the court.

So. We send DOI E-Mail for the confirmation, but if the person dont confirm, i cant do anything with that contact. I want to delete the contact after 10 days if there was no confirmation.


I tried to make a workflow to say that after receiving the DOI E-Mail and not confirming after 10 days, delete the contact GDPR compliant.

But i had to realize that its not possible to make an automation deletion.


I know about workarounds, but this could be a lot of manual work everyday.


So. I think it is definitly necessary to implement a feature to delete contacts gdpr compliant by a workflow or by settings.


Hope this get a lot of upvotes and feature come soon.


Kind regards


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i also want this feature !!

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+1 and yes, this should be a mandated feature to comply with GDPR purity.

Of course, less contacts = less money for Hubspot, so I don't see it happening soon.

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GDPR obliges us to remove applicants after 4 weeks. 
Automatic removal via a workflow is the perfect solution.

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Helpful feature. We need it, too. 

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Yeah, this would be useful for us too!! 

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This feature would be very helpful for us as well as we have contacts who should no longer be in our database and manually cleaning them out is very time consuming. 

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Please add this option.

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This would be great for automated database cleanse (bounces / unengaged / disqualified).


I agree with everyone here. Including those that have surmised the reason that this option is not and probably will not be included.  This topic has been around for months, but not one comment from anyone at Hubspot.....  


Remember that we are in a pay per contact environment.  They don't want to make it too easy to remove contacts or revenue goes down.  Never kill the cash cow.



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@hubSpotDev any updates on this?


Don't think that's a valid tag - but someone from HubSpot, please reply and let us know what the progress is like on this one, please. 

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It would be very useful to include this as an option in workflows. It would save our team a heck of a lot of time.

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I would love to have that option as well. Any news about that how to deal without so far (manually)?




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Echoing everyone's statements! We get a large amount of spam if there was an option to set up a workflow that deletes a contact and any of it's associated records if the deal is moved to 'Deal Lost' stage with the 'Close Lost Reason' as spam/test - it would save a TONNE of time!! 

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Is there truly no way to automate the deletion of Contacts / Companies / Deals in Hubspot? Esp via a Workflow?


I know and understand that deleting can be a tricky path to tread on but if it is set carefully and works, then should be allowed and possible?