Delete associated deals when contact is deleted (and optionally associated companies)

I would like to be able to be able to delete the deals that are associated with a contact when they are deleted. In addition, I'd like to have the option where we can also delete associated companies if desired when the contact is deleted.

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This would save quite a bit of time, and help with organization. More often than not I'm left to clean up the mess people leave behind when deleting a contact. If a contact is being deleted, there's typically a good reason for it, therefore, there's probably no longer a need for the deals associated to that contact. I'm all for making this a reality. 

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You should also have the option when you delete a company to delete all contacts associated with that company.

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We should be able to choose to delete any related item when we delete a contact (deal, meeting, phone call, email, etc.) otherwise when we delete a contact we are left with orphaned items that are in the system, but not attached to anybody, essentially useless.

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Couldn't agree more. When deleting a contact or company, you should be prompted by a pop up window that gives you the option to delete anything related to the contact or company.

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This would save loads of time