Delete a Contact, Save the Info

I would like to be able to delete a contact from our list, and not have it count against us, but being able to save a contact record on that person in case it neds to be referenced in the future.


This is for people who maintain contact lists who deal with subscribers coming and going (in my case due to employees leaving the companies) , but who want to maintain accurate data.

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I agree completely - 2 reasons:

1) Staff leave companies so typically you would Archive their contact record to avoid emailing them in future, but you need to keep their data as they may have emails or deals that you need to reference in the future

2) To be a proper CRM we should be storing supplier/vendor details as well as customer & prospect info. I still have meetings with my suppliers, email them on a one-by-one basis that I need to reference, but I will never mass email them. These shouldn't count against our Contact record totals