Delete Mistaken Deal Status Changes

I often create lists using things like "Deal Property Stage Has Ever Been..."


Unfortunatly, we've had a number of Deals mistakenly put into an incorrect Deal Stage over the years. We quickly catch the mistake and put them in the correct Deal Stage, but all eternity, they show up in a list of Deals that have ever been in that Stage.


I would like to be able to pull up the History for Deal Stage and have a trash icon to delete Deal Stages that the Deal really never should have been a part of.


This might apply to other fields and to Contacts or Companies as well, but my issue today is just with Deal Stage.

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Completely agree!  We cannot run Reports properly on which Deals reached a certain Stage, or were ever part of a Stage, if we cannot go back and correct or eliminate which Stages they should have ever been part of.  I suggest making the Stage a drop down box where you can select/unselected the boxes easily for the Stages.