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Delete Default Meeting Link when only link

HubSpot in it's existing version - 


Sales > Meetings


When a meeting link is created for the first time, it is generated as the "default" meeting link and thus, it cannot be deleted (which makes absolutely no sense).


We need an option to delete this default meeting link. A meeting link is has no association to any sets of data in HubSpot and is not a required item by any stretch of the imagination. The default meeting link didn't exist before I created it while creating an internal user guide, and it should have the option to "not exist" once again... an "undo" if you will.


I understand this is a small detail, but our business is literally based on being organized - more so than most people. Personally, I need this default meeting link to be deleted right now, and it's going to bother me until it's gone.


Nothing happens or exists at our company without a reason, and this meeting link has no reason to be a "required" item. I need the option to delete this ASAP.




Do not suggest that we "ignore it" or "deal with it" or "don't click on meetings." That is not how we operate as a business.

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We should be able to delete the default and make a different meeting the default. Agree it makes no sense to have to keep it.


I just ran into the same issue mentioned above. I've customized my meeting URL but now I can't make the new meeting link the default or delete the original meeting link (which is now obsolete). Without this missing functionality in place it makes the Meetings interface look messy and cluttered.


Please add this functionality, this is a must-have!

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I agree, would be logic to be able to remove (any) meeting link you've created.


Fully agree! Its _insane_ in fact that one cannot delete meetings and/or modify the meeting link URL, once created!


Hubspotters, pls fix this, it does not sound like rocket science 😞


Totally agree!  You'd think with as many features as HubSpot has, there would be a way to edit this, especially considering there is a box at the end of the URL to type in, and a quote that reads "meetings URL will only apply to future meetings and won't affect links created before."  If nothing else, leave the 'meeting ID link' BLANK when people are going through it, so it flags them if it doesn't fill out, so they know to be concsious of what they will title their link.  

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This is a ridiculous thing - consider agencies who are trying to demo an account by setting it up and then client gets stuck with that default? Why is this such a big dev lift to get rid of it? 

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+1 - would love to see the ability to delete a default meetings link


Like many other must have functionalities, Hubspot still did not implement after more than 3 years. Basic Stuff from different Hubs are missing and there's a lot of complaints on the forums and even so, Hubspot just ignores it.


Agree - it is ludicrous that you can't delete a meeting link, there is nothing special about it!

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Can't emphasize more that the lack of option to delete the default meetings does not make any sense!

One simple reason is that those team members are no longer working with the company, and those links are obselete! Why are we letting bots crawl those pages even though we don't use those links? Pointless!


This feature needs to be implemented right away, it's a common sense!


Hey Hubspot! What else do you need? A petition?


Hey all, default meeting links actually can be deleted. Just a bit of a workaround to do it.


So, say I have a team member who needs their default meeting link deleted. As a super admin, I would click the checkbox next to their default meeting link. I'd then click the "transfer ownership" button and transfer the link over to myself

Once I've transferred their default link over to myself, I can then click the "actions" button drop-down next to the meeting link and I'll see the option to delete it. 


What is a pain is if I am the super admin and I need to delete my own default meeting link. I would have to have a second super admin follow those steps above so that they can delete my meeting link as you are not able to delete your own default meeting link. 


Hope this helps!


Crazy that it's been 4 years and this is still open and has not been fixed.

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Please implement this. A a provider, I can't get into meetings to review what my client has done with meetings witout creating my default link which stays in their account. Please allow me to delete my default meeting link. 


LMAO 68 upvotes and 4 years later and they've still done nothing about this.


@HayleeCavanaugh I come across this workaround also.  However, when trying to add a new meeting link to the user that the default was deleted from, the system says they have still used their one allotted meeting link.  This is frustrating!  Any idea's on that?


I can only support this. As a super admin, you should be able to delete your own meeting link. I hope that this gets fixed soon.


This exact issue has been driving me crazy for the past 3 days. I set up my own meeting link as a test but I don't actually need it, but it's set as "default" so I can't delete it! I only have two sales licenses so I'm taking up a slot that one of my salespeople needs. I feel like I am going insane LOL.


What exaclty are we paying $1500+ for? To spend hours figuring things out then find out its not available? Last straw, I'm out. Finding a new provider asap.

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Oh man, you sound so frustrated. Can I help at all? I'm a HubSpot Solutions provider and we try to help ppl make the software fit them best. For this "default" meeting link issue, does this work around fix it?


--> 1) Make a new meeting link with your actual URL that you want.

--> 2) Don't use the old Default one - esentially make it unavailable and don't promote it anywhere.


I agree it's not a perfect solution but HubSpot actually gives Meeting links away in their free package now. Talk to the person who sold you HubSpot (or a solutions provider) about what you're using in your HubSpot and make sure you're on the right contract so you're not overpaying, or underpaying for the value you want, to be successful and avoid the stress of a rip and replace.  DM me for my meeting link, or hit me up on LinkedIn