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It would be great to get the option to delete the contact Photo, because often the photo taken by HubSpot automatically is wrong and has nothing to do with the contact. 

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Please add new option to delete contact photo. Sometimes Hubspot automatically add photo from e-mail domain. This photo is sometimes wrong or looks like a spam. Now I can just add new photo but I heaven't photos of all my clients.

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I too would like to see the option to remove the photo field entirely from all contacts/companies/etc.  There need to be more default options for an account, like show vs. hide photos or use a default photo for all if it can't be turned off

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi StefanieK,


Currently it isn't possible to fully delete a contact's photo, but you can replace the photo with another image by following the steps here!

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YES! The auto fill pictures are often times WAY off! I want the ability to not only remove a picture but turn this feature off if i choose.

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Agree with this. The photo that is automatically pulled in is often nothing to do with the contact. I don't want to have to manually add a photo, I just want to be able to remove the incorrect one.

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I totally agree, I often get half naked women instead of a 50 years old CEO. 

I just need to delete the picture, not change it.

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I agree with this post, I do not want to have to manually update a photo for 1000+ contacts. I just want the ability to delete a photo or have a setting where we can choose for HubSpot to not automatically pull in a contact photo. I don't know where it's pulling the photo from, but it's usually quite wrong.

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How has this not been resolved yet?  I have the same issue.  For my business a photo is not necessary - it's nice to have, but I don't want to devote admin time to removing incorrect images!  It just creates messy data!

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Agree with other comments.  A simple feature that allows you to delete photos without replacing is needed badly.  Surprised this isn't already fixed as I have been looking through comments for a solution.


Absolutely agree with all of the above and am surprised even a small fix such as removing the photo and leaving a deafult grey spot hasn't already been implemented as this thread has been open since 2017.  We haven't the time to be finding the right image, saving it locally and replacing where HubSpot goes wrong.  My Contact was a white male and Hubspot assigned a black female photo.  This could get embarrassing when trying to identify people out at events that we want to speak to but have never met before!