Delay workflows on specific dates


Is there a possibility to delay the workflow so that no mail is sent on a certain date (e.g. because it is a public holiday)?


Alternatively, it would be helpful if you could choose working days instead of always and certain weekdays.

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+1 to this idea. In addition, we would love to have a delay that starts the action on a specific date. Eg. Christmas sale is ending on 31st Dec so we would like to send an automated email to everyone interested to remind them it's soon ending. Or even utilize contact properties and create a personalized birthday present email. The new functionality to delay on a date got us excited but unfortunately, it's only a day of the week/time, not a specific date.




Yep, I would also like to trigger an event every new quarter, Delay til specific date with some if/thens would solve for this case, wheras today I need to track 91 days from a previous date picker property (and that's obviously iffy).

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My name is Megan and I'm a product manager for the workflows tool. I'm marking this thread as delivered, since we introduced "Pause Dates" just over a year ago. Pause dates let you enter specific dates in workflow settings, on which the workflow should not execute, for example on public holidays as mentioned in the original post. 


For some of the other comments and use cases mentioned, it's worth noting that today we offer some functionality for date centered automation, for example with date centered contact workflows, which can configure automation around specific dates or contact date properties. 


If you're looking for a new type of delay that let's you use fixed dates in any type of workflow (not just contacts or date based workflows), please follow this larger thread where that request is being tracked.: