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Delay until event happens should allow immediate exit

When adding a delay until a specific event happens, I'd like to be able to immediately exit the workflow if a property value matches criteria.


According to, 

Please note: in this type of delay, if an event has already happened when a record enters the delay, it will not immediately exit the delay. Records will only exit the delay if the event occurs while the record is in the delay.

I'd like an option to bypass this.


For example, I want to wait N days until a Creation Date value is known. If the value is known prior to the entering the delay, the criteria should automatically pass. If the value changes during the wait time, the criteria should pass.


A simple "check value on delay entry" checkbox would wuffice.

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Yes, this is an important feature. Since this feature is not available, I need to complicate my workflow with more if/then branches. 

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Hi team! I'd like to know if there is any update on this IDEA as this would really work for the users to have more control on the actions and delays in their workflows. Thanks! 

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I could not agree more on this.  My specific use case is like the below, except with 6 tasks.


  1. Create Task associated with this ticket
  2. Create 2nd task associated with this ticket
  3. Check if status of first task is completed
  4. Check if status of 2nd task is completed

If the 2nd task is completed before the first task the workflow has to wait the delay period, which is not desirable.