Delay until Date & Time Workflow Action


I'd like a way to delay contacts from throwing through to a certain step of a workflow until a specific date. 


This came about when we have a micro-nurture running to a specific set of our audience. We are launching a flash deal to our contacts that will last from today for another 8 days. In the micro-nurture workflow - we have an email that provides a different offer. We didn't want two competing workflow offers to go out. So we put an 8 day delay in the workflow as a temporary step. It would be great if I could tell all the contacts to delay until a specific date instead. That way when the date has passed, the action becomes disabled or whatever. 
Other option would be pause workflow (but that doesn't help the previous steps)

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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Jun 22, 2021

Hi everyone,


I’m Megan Legge, a product manager for HubSpot’s workflows tool. At this time there are no plans to develop this Idea. This is not to say that this idea will never be developed, just that there are no plans to do so at this time. 


Today, we offer some functionality for date centered automation, as mentioned in some of the above comments, for example with date centered contact workflows, which can configure automation around specific dates or contact date properties. Additionally, in the other workflows (deals, companies..), there are filters that help trigger automation centered around date properties. For example if you wanted to trigger a deal workflow when a renewal date is 30 days away, you could create an enrollment trigger using the filter operators less than 31 days ago and/or more than 29 days ago.


I recognize that these options don't cover all of the use cases outline in this thread, but we hope to dig into this problem more in the future. 




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I would love to have a specific date and time delay as well. I know hubspot recently added a date and time delay but that only allows for looking into the future by a week. 


My use case is for a webinar reminder. I want to be able to turn on my workflow to capture registrants as they come in starting next week, but my webinar is not until next month. I want my reminder emails to go out one week before, one day before, and day of the webinar (which are very specific dates and times). I can only set the reminder email to be X days away or on a day - so if I set x days, people would be reminded sporadically based on when they register, or if I choose on a day it will be the next Wednesday (or whatever I choose) that they will get the reminder. 


The webinar reminder is the same use case that I have. Would love to have the delay until a specific date option.


This is definitely needed for all of the webinars that we are alll marketing right now.  We need to send reminders to attend on fixed dates.  That seems like a very simple function that hubspot should definitely have!   


We also would like this functionality for use with organizing webinars!


Same in regards to webinars.


Absolutely backing up this. It's necessary and just logic to be able to control the date and time stamp on a workflow. Plus, not to add rivalry to the thread but having moved from Pardot to HubSpot in sakes of power and efficiency, it falls too short not being able to use it for my (webinars too) workflows.


@AHasselsteen and @IanMarck after I posted me backing this idea on the 7th of October I found out there is a date centered approach possible in HubSpot.

Not saying it solves all our headaches, but at least a few for me. You can add a new workflow that is centered to a date. Please look here for me this approach made it possible to send reminder e-mails to registered webinar viewers -1 week, -1 day and -1 hour.


We would also like to be able to delay workflow emails to a specific date/time in the future (like with a calendar selection tool or the same functionality available in non-automated emails). 


Please let 2021 be the year this feature becomes available. 


This is ridiculous this isn't a feautre yet lmao.


There's a whole thread of people asking for months for a date field. This is key to automation smh.




Need this as well.


100% need to this. I'm already trying to create a workaround for not being able to send NPS survey reminders and really need this month property in the workflow to be able to achieve this smoothly.


Very frustrating and hopefully addressed soon.


I agree! I need this feature so much, and I see it as a basic feature for automation in general! 

I really hope it wil be addressed soon.

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I completely agree! It would be great to add this feature as soon as possibile, since it will be very useful for so many activities (for example, setting reminders)!

Hope it will be addressed soon.  

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Bumping this as hit this problem as soon as we started doing a workflow with Hubspot for webinars. Follow up and reminder messages to attend need date tailored delays


@mprofile I'd be happy to stand corrected if I'm wrong about this, but I believe for anyone trying to do a series of recurring webinars, the center-on-a-date-property workflow approach would mean the administrator would have to clone a new workflow for every webinar. I already have a fairly convoluted workflow with branches for each webinar date/time, and enrolling in separate workflows to automate the reminder emails for each webinar seems like it's going to get too messy to maintain properly.

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@mprofile its not the enrolment date that we need its delaying steps within the workflow untill a particular date. At present we run a number of webinars a month across a few brands. Currently we are having to count the days inbetween workflow steps in order to put them in and adjusting for weekends. This is the same even when we reuse workflows. It would be much quicker to just be able to set a delay till date


Hi @TCoppen, thanks for the explanaition. With the Date-centric workflow you can just do that! I know this approach has other 'problems'. (you cannot make it recurring - only anually, which is irritating)


As the first step you define the date of the webinar (for example) and then you can define dates (for reminders, for sending a thank you, for sending a recording link). Those dates are fixed in time. Not in days, so no counting the weekends etc. 


See image:



After you run through this flow and it's dates you can change the centered date and all dates will be changed accordingly. So if you organize your webinar on a thursday all the future and the historic dates are centered around the new one.


I hope I am making any sense to you...?



@SarahMayo sorry to say that I cannot correct you on that one :(. It is my main problem with recurring date centric workflows because we also use it for our webinars. But because these webinars are 6 weeks apart we are managing just fine.


If you are doing multiple in different overlapping time frames things might get messy very quickly. I would create a flow for every webinar (you already thought about this I can imagine), containing the neccesary reminders (we do 3: -1 week, -1 day, -1 hour), the "thank you participated" email (+1 hour) to the people wo clicked the link (there is no integration with our webinar-software) and the "the recording is available (+1 day) to everyone who registered.


And yes, I have to change the date the flow is centered around after everyone went through the last step of the workflow. (warning: in this case you need reencollment turned ON for every enrollment trigger)