Delay until Date & Time Workflow Action


I'd like a way to delay contacts from throwing through to a certain step of a workflow until a specific date. 


This came about when we have a micro-nurture running to a specific set of our audience. We are launching a flash deal to our contacts that will last from today for another 8 days. In the micro-nurture workflow - we have an email that provides a different offer. We didn't want two competing workflow offers to go out. So we put an 8 day delay in the workflow as a temporary step. It would be great if I could tell all the contacts to delay until a specific date instead. That way when the date has passed, the action becomes disabled or whatever. 
Other option would be pause workflow (but that doesn't help the previous steps)

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Eaxctly this is soooooo needed, specially now with all digital events, webinars, reminders etc, where we plan automations for more than "the next 7 days". Having this Monday, Tuesday feature is ok, but doesn't solve 90% of the needs where a specific date is way more valuable than a day. 


Webinars! How can we remind subscribers that they have a webinar coming up if not by delaying till specific date? Thank you for your response, @MeganLegge . Just another reminder that Hubspot doesn't listen to users' feedback.


Salesforce has some feature requests that are over 10 years old with thousands of users requesting them in the thread. Here I was hoping Hubspot can take a page from the Salesforce playbook on how NOT to engage with your users. 


Would like to see this too. Very common use case we'd apply this to:


  • Contact enrollment trigger- Webinar sign up form submission
  • Send email- Immediate 'you registered' email
  • Set property value- Event name data on the contact record
  • Delay to a specific date or time - (day prior to event)
  • Send email- Reminder email 1 day before event
  • Delay to a specific date or time - (15 minutes prior to event)
  • Send email- Reminder email 15 minutes before event

If it is just a small change on products end, it would be a huge benefit to several webinar-driven marketers.


Terrible idea to choose not to move forward with specific date delay on an automation, especially at a time where Webinars and other online corriculum is built into the marketing funnel.


Just adding to this: I agree! We're also needing this feature for webinars. 


This really should be prioritized - anyone hosting webinars who are using Hubspot should be having this problem, which I guess are a lot of people.


Should be a very simple addition which would help loads of users!

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,


Thanks for continuing to take the time to show your support for this idea through your votes and comments. While today we offer some functionality for date centered automation, for example with date centered contact workflows, which can run automation around specific calendar dates or the values in contact date properties, we're also currently doing research to explore how we can offer more broad date centered automation options that could work in and across all types of workflows. Please follow along here to stay informed of progress.