Delay until Date & Time Workflow Action


I'd like a way to delay contacts from throwing through to a certain step of a workflow until a specific date. 


This came about when we have a micro-nurture running to a specific set of our audience. We are launching a flash deal to our contacts that will last from today for another 8 days. In the micro-nurture workflow - we have an email that provides a different offer. We didn't want two competing workflow offers to go out. So we put an 8 day delay in the workflow as a temporary step. It would be great if I could tell all the contacts to delay until a specific date instead. That way when the date has passed, the action becomes disabled or whatever. 
Other option would be pause workflow (but that doesn't help the previous steps)

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Please let me know when this feature is available, it is a necessary step when making a webinar workflow.


Is this feature still not available?


There is one way to do this by automation

  1. To create a list of all contacts registered 
  2. Create a workflow centered around date(see screenshot for reference)
  3. s=Select the email to send in the workflow and enroll your list created in the first step send the email.

The disadvantage of this method is that no emails or other actions can be placed in front of it.


Hi @BdeMuijnck ,
That is de method we use. We have a form somewhere on the site where traffic is driven to. People who fill in the form receive a separate confirmation email and are added to one of two lists (=not relevant for this question :)). Those lists are used to enroll them in a workflow centered around a date. -7 days, -1 days, -1 hours they receive a reminder for the webinar. +1 hour they get a "thank you" e-mail with question about NPS and +1 day they get an email sending them to the recording. All can be handeled from one date centered workflow. 


What do you mean with your last "The disadvantage .. front of it."?


I'd love to see a Delay until Date & Time option added to the workflow actions. I know that you can run a contact automation centered on date, but much of our communication centers around the Deal, which centered on date is not an option. Therefore, I build a lot of communications using deal automations. I want to utilize "Delay until Date & Time" in the automation process to provide us the effeciency of prebuilding our campaigns and automate the sending of our communications. 


Please consider adding this functionality! ActiveCampaign has it, so should HubSpot!

HubSpot Employee

Hi team,


commenting for a customer here.

While we do have "date-based" workflow, it would be really cumbersome for customers to have to create multiple of such workflows if they are looking to send out multiple emails to the same contact list on specific dates. As such,having date-specific delays in workflow make perfect sense.

Thank you.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,


I’m Megan Legge, a product manager for HubSpot’s workflows tool. At this time there are no plans to develop this Idea. This is not to say that this idea will never be developed, just that there are no plans to do so at this time. 


Today, we offer some functionality for date centered automation, as mentioned in some of the above comments, for example with date centered contact workflows, which can configure automation around specific dates or contact date properties. Additionally, in the other workflows (deals, companies..), there are filters that help trigger automation centered around date properties. For example if you wanted to trigger a deal workflow when a renewal date is 30 days away, you could create an enrollment trigger using the filter operators less than 31 days ago and/or more than 29 days ago.


I recognize that these options don't cover all of the use cases outline in this thread, but we hope to dig into this problem more in the future. 





I would like to see this as well. I am attempting to automate the moving of deals out of both our closed/lost and won stages into an archive deals board at the end of the financial year. I already have data fields to record the date that a deal is placed into each pipeline stage, so pivoting on the recorded closed date i could then pause the automation until the 31st of march to then move the deal into the archive. 




Oracle Eloqua kicks butt at this type of functionality. True automation is not creating three workflows for ONE zoom webinar - one to invite, one to register them to zoom and one to follow-up after the webinar.  It's ridiculous! It's easier to complete the process outside of HubSpot.


Totally agree on Oracle Eloqua's waitsteps feature. I'm hoping that feature could be implemented to HubSpot too, within this lifetime. The number of workflows to create for just one campaign just too many and it's getting old; and we can't even create a folder within a folder in Workflow section to at least organize it. Oh well...


This function would be great for us, we have one event that is absolutely key for our customers, so to set actions in our Customer Success workflow centred on this date is crucial. 


Eaxctly this is soooooo needed, specially now with all digital events, webinars, reminders etc, where we plan automations for more than "the next 7 days". Having this Monday, Tuesday feature is ok, but doesn't solve 90% of the needs where a specific date is way more valuable than a day. 


Webinars! How can we remind subscribers that they have a webinar coming up if not by delaying till specific date? Thank you for your response, @MeganLegge . Just another reminder that Hubspot doesn't listen to users' feedback.


Salesforce has some feature requests that are over 10 years old with thousands of users requesting them in the thread. Here I was hoping Hubspot can take a page from the Salesforce playbook on how NOT to engage with your users. 


Would like to see this too. Very common use case we'd apply this to:


  • Contact enrollment trigger- Webinar sign up form submission
  • Send email- Immediate 'you registered' email
  • Set property value- Event name data on the contact record
  • Delay to a specific date or time - (day prior to event)
  • Send email- Reminder email 1 day before event
  • Delay to a specific date or time - (15 minutes prior to event)
  • Send email- Reminder email 15 minutes before event

If it is just a small change on products end, it would be a huge benefit to several webinar-driven marketers.