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Delay Until Improvement

When creating a workflow there's a "Delay Until" option, which is very useful.

Sadly you can only use a AND operator in it.

If you add the OR operator as well, it becomes a much more flexible and useful tool.

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HubSpot Employee

I think this is a great suggestion and it would be awesome to have this feature!


We have a usecase here where we are looking to delay until weekdays for select actions, but not others in a workflow.

Example, contact enrolled Sunday and we'd like it to wait until Monday morning to enroll the contact. By default this results in a contact being moved to the same time of day, as opposed to just the start of business on Monday, which is problematic in our case because it means some people really aren't meeting criteria until Tuesday, due to late Sunday initial enrollment.


We can set Delay until Monday at 7pm, which alleviates the weekend scheduling, but then that creates a seconday issue, because contacts enrolled on Monday at 7:01 or beyond now need to delay until the next day instead of passing through the action like they would if it was just defined as a day, instead of a day and time.