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Delay 1st Step Default Send Time for Sequences


1. Enrolling prospects into sequences where the first step is an automatic email.

2. I want to schedule my emails to go out at a specific time (mornings) and day.



1. The default "Send Time" is "Send Now".

2. When you enroll them with the Send Time as "Send Now", they start going out immediately and FAST (multiple per minute).

3. So, if you forget to delay the send, you can accidentally email a list of prospects later on a Friday afternoon 😄


It also makes it dangerous to send customized greetings like "Hope you had a nice weekend", or "hope you enjoyed the Chiefs game this weekend" because if you forget to schedule it for Monday, it's going to go out whenever you hit "enroll".


Solution ideas

1. Force the user to choose every time. That makes a ton of sense to me. If you don't leave it as "Send Now", then you would have to choose some other arbitrary time to default it to.

2. Choose an arbitrary time (say you determined it using AI ;D ) to default it to, like in the morning on the next business day.

3. Have a delay send for 5 minutes to let people undo



I have used and Woodpecker, and they both have, IMO, better scheduling features, including this one.

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Yes! I spent almost an hour trying to figure out how to add a delay before someone enrolls in a demo follow up sequence using Sales Professional. You can't add a delay using the automation in Sequences. And you can't use a Workflow because you can't add the action to enroll in a sequence without Enterprise. So our choices are manual enrollment or no delay, essentially. We'll probably go ahead w/o the delay but we'd prefer to add a 30 minute-delay to make it auto-enrollment seem more human. 


Amazing that Hubspot doesn't have this basic function that even cheap email prospecting tools have!