Define our Fiscal Year / Quarters

We have a lot of very nice "This Quarter", "Last Quarter", "Next Quarter" filter functionality in HubSpot CRM....buuuuut, if your Company's Fiscal Year is not the same as the Calendar Year (as many are not), this "Quarter" filter functionality is not valid, and actually becomes misleading (or at best unneeded / unusable clutter in your filters).  You then must go to the "Custom Date Range" filtering functionality to obtain the correct date range.


It would be helpful and less misleading to have a Setting to define the organization's Fiscal Year.  Canned "Quarter" filters would fall inline correctly from there.



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Agreed with fellow commentors. Please add this feature to customize fiscal year. I understand there are ramifications for reports and likley other dependancies, but I would imagine it is the majority of B2B companies who do not have a calendar fiscal year.  

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Yes!! We need this. Having to deal with the custom date range just to handle standard fiscal quarters is a big problem.

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Well should I also say it? Please please please we need this functionality.

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I have clients that need this feature added for reporting.  I hope to see it soon!!!

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Like most businesses we run and are measured by quarter, which does not align with the calendar year.

Have had to use the Zoho reporting solution to get results we needed, which is sub-optimal from a salesperson's user experience.

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Any update on this functionality? This is very much needed.

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Agreed, we are starting to integrate a lot of the business into hubspot and relying on the reports and our fiscal year runs from June - May.

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Any updates?  This is very much needed.   Thanks so much! 

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I'm on the same boat here, totally agree!