Define our Fiscal Year / Quarters


We have a lot of very nice "This Quarter", "Last Quarter", "Next Quarter" filter functionality in HubSpot CRM....buuuuut, if your Company's Fiscal Year is not the same as the Calendar Year (as many are not), this "Quarter" filter functionality is not valid, and actually becomes misleading (or at best unneeded / unusable clutter in your filters).  You then must go to the "Custom Date Range" filtering functionality to obtain the correct date range.


It would be helpful and less misleading to have a Setting to define the organization's Fiscal Year.  Canned "Quarter" filters would fall inline correctly from there.



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Great, although i'm just looking at the forecasting tool and it still seems to say calendar year. i've set the defaults to fiscal year. Am i missing something?


@hollisbhub I disagree that this has been delivered.

The fiscal year filters are still not available in any area of the platform other than the CRM (where they are pretty much useless).


This request shouldn't be marked delivered until it is available in all reporting, forecasting, and anlaytics features. That is where this feature is most needed. 


The abilty to apply a fiscal year is a financial reporting and goal setting requirement. This is extremely important.


The issue has not been resolved.  Its still not possible to use the forecasting tool or setup reports easily that coincide with a none calendar year.


so it looks like this "feature" was simply moved from beta to production (did it take 8 months do to just that?)? the problem is, the beta didn't solve the core issue which was the inability to set fiscal year and have it leveraged but most, if not all, of hubspot, no matter where you are (eg, reports, forecasting, analytics, etc...).  thus everyone using hubspot needs to continuously set custom dates. 



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I agree with the other comments that the usefulness of fiscal reporting is NOT DELIVERED. The ability to filter on a contact list for when a contact was created in my fiscal year provides no value. Who uses this? 

This actually causes more dirty data than it should and will cause confusion with system admins. I would remedy this immediately before it becomes a cluster.


This has not been resolved - very disappointing


Agree, this is very disappointing, doesn;t solve the issue. 


Plugged in the Fiscal Year dates in Settings.


Go to pipeline reports on dashboards to define by last/this/next quarter and HS reports on calendar not my fiscal year dates.


What is the point of the Fiscal Year feature?


Have plugged in my custom date ranges now to rectify.


This feature has not solved the issue. The ability to filter by fiscal year is needed in reporting.


HubSpot where do you reference the fiscal year? If your fiscal year is the calander year then you can filter by your fiscal year everywhere, unfortunaly mine is not and I have to use cuatom dates for everything.


I agree with all the dissapointment. This feature is still in BETA and NOT DELIVERED.

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,

For clarification, this feature is available for all products and plans, however, our team is still working on making the feature available in reporting specifically. More information can be found on this product announcement.

In the mean time, we appericiate your patience as we continue to build this feature out to work best for you. 


Disappointing. Half-baked outcome. After so many month nothing have progressed. This is simply switching whatever was unfinished in Beta and put into production.

Until this is also applies in Report/Dashboard, such function create more confusion for user, and any New Hubspot user could assume it already work in Report/Dashboard with undesirable consequences.

C’mon Hubspot, step up and do this properly – if you guys want to enter Enterprise market.

It's beyond frustrating that the original question is from June 2017 and still hasn't been even remotely fixed. We gave Hubspot multiple years to fix this (including speaking with their development teams) but to have this 'in production / resolved' in the eyes of Hubspot is a telling sign that they don't understand the significant importance of having this. The lack of attention on them fixing something this simple is a real let down for everyone who's been told 'it's coming' for years. Anyone else looking for alternate CRM's to migrate to?

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This is something that would add value to the majority of your users, and make jumping between key dashboard filters while analysing metrics far easier than having to enter custom date ranges. This would be a simple but hugely impactful addition! Would love to see it in place for my clients.


Would be so great if we could define the fiscal year in Account Settings.


Meanwhile, here's another solution/workaround:


  1. Created a Deal Property called "Close Quarter" - or something similar - and make it a Dropdown Select.
  2. Add selections, eg., 2019 Q1, 2019 Q2, for the next 2 or so years.
  3. Create a workflow that automatically assigns the Close Quarter based on the Deal Close Date.
  4. Create a Custom Deal Report that draws from this field and set the Date Range for your Fiscal Year.   


We used this solution and further automated using a workflow to set these as per the defined quarters based on deal close date.


It's a head scratcher to go through the Hubspot "Ideas Delivered" page with so much frivolous functionality Hubspot has been working on while CRM basics like defining quarters remains unavailable. I just can't wrap my head around no one at Hubspot recognizing this is needed as a priority since the issue was first raised in 2017.


Our team really prefers using Hubspot CRM but are now forced to go to Salesforce because we can't do simple things like Forecast in Hubspot or lock Closed Won deals. Such big misses from such a promising company.

agreed. at this point i've lost the hubspot battle. moving to SFDC and

It's quite staggering. I could not put it better myself. HubSpot you will
struggle if you don't ultimately understand the value your customers need.
In this case, very basic CRM functionality.

Is this going to be fixed, as I have also been considering Salesforce in
the near future, I would prefer to stay with HS but if it doesn't deliver
what we need, we will be forced to go through the upheaval, this is only a
deterrent for so long.

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Is this available in beta for reporting? I have a customer who is needing this!

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team
Hi Everyone!
Rolling date ranges is now available on all date-based filters within the custom report builder.
Rolling Date Range CRB.png
When editing a date field during report visualization, you'll also now have an option to change the frequency through the lens of a custom fiscal year. By default, this option is checked off, making you have to opt in if this is how you want your data organized. For those who have not set up a custom fiscal year in their settings, fiscal year will default to January - December.
Fiscal Year Setting CRB.png
It is worth noting that frequency is disabled when an aggregation is in play, so using fiscal year will also be disabled as well.
Fiscal Year - Aggregation Alert - CRB.png
Although it is not yet supported, in the coming weeks, rolling date ranges will also be coming to the "Event timestamp" within the filters section, whenever there is an event being reported on.
Event timestamp - Current View CRB.png
As always, thank you all for your feedback, and we hope these updates make your reporting that much easier and customizable!