Define our Fiscal Year / Quarters


We have a lot of very nice "This Quarter", "Last Quarter", "Next Quarter" filter functionality in HubSpot CRM....buuuuut, if your Company's Fiscal Year is not the same as the Calendar Year (as many are not), this "Quarter" filter functionality is not valid, and actually becomes misleading (or at best unneeded / unusable clutter in your filters).  You then must go to the "Custom Date Range" filtering functionality to obtain the correct date range.


It would be helpful and less misleading to have a Setting to define the organization's Fiscal Year.  Canned "Quarter" filters would fall inline correctly from there.



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Please support this idea of having the ability to align with our fiscal year

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@hubspot we really need this. We should be able to configure fiscale year start and year end somewhere in the settings. Can't believe this is not a standard product feuture. Thanks.

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I've been able to use this with other CRMS and it seems like a basic concept.  We absoutley now need this, following a change to allign our sales/ financial years.  This could be a deal-breaker for us. 

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We need this functionality too. This is an obvious step for Hubspot to elevate the CRM system

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Hi HubSpot


Here's an idea - how about being able to set Financial Year dates in settings as part of Company set up so that Month to Date, Current Quarter, Next Quarter Reports and Pipelines do not need constant amendment as everything falls within the FY the company runs rather than the calendar one. Would help a lot as dashboard custom filters can't enable this.



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Also agree. We need to be able to report on FY. Financial reports from Hubspot are becoming cumbersome because we have to export to excel and then tweak the report to report on FY Quarters. Please update functionality! 

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Please implement this Idea Hubspot

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Still nothing from Hubspot on this 😞

Please implement this idea. Its so basic!

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This would save me soooo much time when creating reports.... 


Agreed! This is a standard option in most CRM's - should be the same in HubSpot. Please create!

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+ 1 from us. It would help us a lot too.

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This would be extremely helpful to our organisation as we run from May to April. I also use to work for a company that ran from July to June so customising would be very beneficial. 

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Absolutely critical for Enterprise clients (and frankly most clients)

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Smiley Happy Please upvote x 100

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Yes please! We really need this feature.

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Yes please. We'd like to define our financial year and use reports that recognise it.

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Disappointing to not have a single reply from Hubspot for over two years worth of posts on this topic.


Totally agree. This seems like a fairly basic capability that any organisation in the world would require to carry out simple quarterly reporting.