Define our Fiscal Year / Quarters

We have a lot of very nice "This Quarter", "Last Quarter", "Next Quarter" filter functionality in HubSpot CRM....buuuuut, if your Company's Fiscal Year is not the same as the Calendar Year (as many are not), this "Quarter" filter functionality is not valid, and actually becomes misleading (or at best unneeded / unusable clutter in your filters).  You then must go to the "Custom Date Range" filtering functionality to obtain the correct date range.


It would be helpful and less misleading to have a Setting to define the organization's Fiscal Year.  Canned "Quarter" filters would fall inline correctly from there.



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Would love this feature! It's a common option for CRMs.

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Agreed! This would be a big improvement. For now, I've created a custom Deal property to capture the fiscal year but is limited. Having the "this year" and "this quarter" functionality would be much better!

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Really need this. Seems so basic.

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Absolutely needed!

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My last three companies have all had financial years which don't align with the calendar year. This is the first time I've used Hubspot; I've been using Salesforce for over ten years. I've been trying to defend the use of Hubspot here as I think it's better-designed at a basic level, and I think is more intuitive. But this is a glaring omission. Hubspot has a reputation as too marketing-focused and not sales-focused, and this just reinforces that view. It makes the product virtually useless if I have to enter a custom date range for every query.

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Agreed; this is an essential feature. When is it happening?

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It's hard to believe that this is not standard. The omission of these types of features is what one of may reasons HubSpot continues to be tagged as a company that doesn't effectively deliver a feature set that suits the large-mid and large enterprise (not to suggest smaller companies wouldn't have this need either).  You can innovate faster than the rest, but as long as features like this are missing, larger enterprises will always need the likes of CRM's outside of HubSpot CRM for sales management and reporting. 

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Yes, we absolutely need that!!!!

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yes absolutley needed!

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This is an absolute deal-breaker for us. When is this feature coming? What is the alternative in the interim? Our financial year starts on April 1st