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Default time for a future task is set to 8:00 am

When we create a task for future, lets say using the options of "In 2 business days" or "In 3 business days" and do NOT set a time on the task, the default time is set to 8:00 am.

The problem this causes is that when you look at the task list on the due date past 8:00 am, the 'Next Activity Date' column does NOT show the date or time but just shows "-".

As a manager, this gives me an impression that the next task has not been created for this contact (lead).

If we can control setting up of the default time and set it to 8:00 pm (say) by default, then the problem would go away.

8:00 am is well before start of our day. Setting it to 8:00 pm which is past our office hours would be just fine as a default.

We understand that we can set an explicit time on the task, but we would prefer not doing it at the time of creating the task. Our workflow is to create the task for a day and not set a time at the time of task creation. On the due date of our tasks, we go plan out the times of each of the task at the start of our day.

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Community Manager

Hey @hka it is not currently possible to change the default Task time. I would reccommend working with your teams to ensure specific task times are met. 

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 Yes it would be great to be able to change this default time to a later time!  8am is not a good time for a reminder.

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Our offices do not open till 9am. Having all my notification reminders come in at 8:00am when I am not even in the office or working is very annoying. Is there still no way to change the default time this tasks are due?


Leaving the default time as 08:00pm is not sufficient. On average, the peak time for morning sales calls is 10am. My whole team has agreed 10am would be a much more suitable "default" time.

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We start 7am or earlier so would be much better if the default was 1am so we have a reminder in the emails when we start work

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 Not on this, but setting defaults for the task email really should be a feature.  The fact that it defaults to SPAM users, rather than default to NOT spam users is a bit strange given the nature of the company is trying to limit spam. Additionally, we want to use a tool that is designed to get away from email.  Now, of course, some people like an email reminder because they are stuck in there ways.  But the reason to use a platform like hubspot is to get OUT of the old paradigm. However, the inability to override this defaul is baffling.  At least give it the feature of remember the last setting.  Then you don't even need to desing a new UI. 



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Understand you cannot change the hardwired 8 am start time....how about the default # of days for follow up? We are set at 3 days and each and every time I try to setup a task, I have to pulldown the link, use a custom date. Too many steps to flow well for prospecting. 

Can we change default follow up days?

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I agree that it is absolutely necessary to change the default hour of the tasks.

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This would be really helpful. I am also confused why it says solved. Is there a way to do this?  I was searching for how to change the standard task reminder time in Toxnot and I could only find this conversation. 

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Come on HubSpot...this is a no brainer.  Easy fix for your uber-cool programmers!!!