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Default terms for Quotes

Would be excellent to have  Default Terms that Company admin can add to all quotes as standard so company not reliant on salespeople to add. I love my salespeople but as we all know not incredibly reliable with important details.

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We need to have an option to preset purchase terms as well as preset comments from salesman on quotes


+1 on this. Whoever built the quotes engine didn't talk to a single sales ops person before doing so.


Sales people click the shiny buttons and often forget lots of important details. You have to provide guard rails.


What company wants 6 different templates and then lets their sales people choose which style represents their mood of the day?


We use PandaDoc for this and setup workflows to just block all quotes because it's such a poorly conceived part of the product.


All you have to do to make quotes usable HubSpot is:


  1. Allow admins to restrict the design choices
  2. Allow admins to enable or disable signature
  3. Allow admins to enable or disable payment options
  4. Allow admins to setup the default text.

My god, who seriously thought that letting reps type their own terms & conditions was  decent plan? Even HubSpot themselves don't use their own quoting engine, that tells you something about the quality.


We need this in the quotes tool. Using snippets and relying on team members to remember to add purchase terms and other terms to the quotes is not ideal. 


Yes, would like to have the HubSpot Admin have the ability to set standard T&C's for quotes. Thanks.


Agree that this is critical. Thanks!


Seriously this idea is 3 years old, I don't understand why it is not here already

I finally figured out on my own without the help of hubspot support that
you can create snippets so that when your inside the quote creating it you
click on the snippet, named purchase terms and write the prefabricated
lingo for everyone to copy onto their quotes


Can't understand why quotes hasn't moved much since 2018 when I was still selling it at HS. Especially important for SaaS companies with recurring revenue models. 

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Another part of hubspot sales that looks like its been designed by not talking to anyone that is actually in sales 😟


We solved this on our own in the current custom quotes beta.


  1. We don't use the comments or terms input that the sales people enter in our template, so they can type whatever they want but it has no impact.
  2. In our template, create a custom rich text module so that each instance of a template can set it's own defaults. The sales team can not set these things if we've permissioned HubSpot correctly.
  3. Creating deal level custom property with muli-line text and a "Deal Terms Override" and assign edit permissions to the people who should be allowed to make changes to the defaults.
  4. In the template, if that deal level field exists, display it... if the deal level field does not exist or is empty, use the template default.

Problem solved. I think the power of the new custom quotes is really in that you can do whatever you want and build your own modules, fields, but more importantly you can access any deal properties on the quote... It does require comfort with Hubl but I'll take that any day over a restrictive process.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all - My name is Tori and I am the Product Manager taking over ownership of our quotes tool. I know it has been a little while since we've provided an update on this idea. Some exciting news, this feature is now in Open Beta as a part of the Custom Quote Templates beta. This beta will allow admins to add default terms to a custom quote template. This ensure sales reps don't need to add terms manually during the quote creation process. It also ensures that they can’t tweak any verbiage in the default terms. Sales reps can still add specific terms to the quote in addition to the default terms if you so choose. 


Here is a a little more information about the Custom Quotes beta.


What does this mean? 

Beta participants can create custom quote templates using our default templates or templates created for them by a developer. These templates can then be used by sales reps in the quote wizard.


What features does this include?

This beta allows user to:

- Add/remove/changing text, images, videos, links, files etc on a template

- Add/remove columns to the line item table (including images!)

- Show/hide modules of the template 

- Add personalization tokens to templates

- Show/hide total, subtotal, and additional fee sections

- Update colors and fonts
- Associate a domain with a template


Who is eligible for the beta? 

All Sale Pro and Enterprise portals are eligible to join the beta. 


How can you access it?  

You can now request beta access by contacting your customer success manager. If you are unsure of who your CSM is, please contact


Thank you all for your patience here. We appreciate your feedback! 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, Tori here. I’m excited to announce that default terms for quotes are now supported in our new Customized Quote Template tool. 


Users can set default terms on a customized quote template. These terms can not be edited when creating a quote in the quote wizard. Additional terms can still be added to the quote in the quote wizard by leveraging our “terms” personalization token.

To learn more about Customized Quote Templates, click here.


sooo where is it outlined to edit these tokens in the quote? 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi @JKrantz , 


In settings > objects > quotes super admins with Sales Hub Pro and Enterpise can now create customized quote templates. In the template editor you will see a module called terms. In that module you can add your default terms that won't be editable in the quote wizard. You can still let reps creating quotes add additional terms by leaving that 'terms' personalization token that is included in that module by defualt. 


Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 4.05.49 PM.png


very helpful, took me a few times to understand BUT the token is meant to be left blank so the rep could add text in the terms field... i think i got it!