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Default terms for Quotes

Would be excellent to have  Default Terms that Company admin can add to all quotes as standard so company not reliant on salespeople to add. I love my salespeople but as we all know not incredibly reliable with important details.

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This is exactly what I'm looking for. I use Hubspot Sales Pro for Deal/CRM flow.  I have a SaaS model and need to 1) create quote for recurring products (I do this in Hubspot) and 2) Accept/sign Quote (I do this separately in HelloSign) and 3) Enter Payment Information (I do this separately in WePay). 


Funny thing is I've purchased other Hubspot Products and Hubspot has this ability. I received a quote with a recurring product, I agreed to terms, I entered payment info and now I get billed on a recurring basis. 


I've looked at integrating separate Recurring Billing/Payment solutions like recurly, chargify, freshbooks, zuora and many others. Bottom line- I can't find a solution. 


Bottom line: I want to send out an invoice for a yearly commitment to my SaaS. I want that agreement to have the ability to sign, enter payment info and automatically process payments. 


HELP HUBSPOT... or....Anyone want to team up and help us build this solution?

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Hey all! We like to keep each post to one idea. I'll refer to you these other ideas and update this one to be specifically about the first thing mentioned:


Hey guys, we're a payment processing company that created an automated quoting and billing tool that integrates with Hubspot. We would love to get your feedback and see if it works for your needs. (If not, we have some great devs that are open to making improvements!)  Our company is Paycove (  With our background in payments processing, we're also able to help achieve much better rates than those from Stripe, WePay, etc. (but you're not required to use them - we value solution agnosticism!)


Here is a link to our Hubspot demo video:

Hubspot Demo Video


Feel free to reach out with any questions! Thanks in advance.




I agree on this one, we will have the same terms in every quote so it would be nice to have certain ones be autopopulated and add additional as needed.


I agree also, we have a google doc with the terms stored that our reps paste into the purchase terms each time they need to create a new quote. A default version that you could edit each time would be a great time saver.


This is really missing. Almost a dealbreaker for us to continue with Hubspot. It is currently such a hassle to send out quotes. No possibility of standard text or standard terms and conditions. Also, the option of using snippets is not offering a solution due to the character limit. 

Hubspot, please! Our sales team is so done with this functionality. 


This is what we need!


+1, or at least increase the character count of snippets so it can contain the terms. Right now I have 9 sequential snippets I use to construct the terms every time. 


We need this as well. I'm considering an upgrade to Sales Pro and the solution offered (snippets) isn't good enough because of the character limit.


We also need this, copy & paste takes time and could lead to mistakes. Adding default tos or letting us put more than 500 chars on a certain amount of snippets would be good.


The snippet section is helping, but this should be standard. +1 for default terms


Yes, some defalt settings fields would be ideal and save a lot of missed steps. I would also like to see the customisation of subheadings comments and purchase terms and some default VAT settings automatically applied. 


Desperately needed!


Use snippet but put a link there to a hidden website with all the text you need for terms and conditiins.

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Yeah, if we can have templates and then we can lock these tempaltes dependant on the sales role or user. 

E.g. we have different terms for our enterprise teams vs our SMB teams. 


Looking forward to ya'll building this feature.




We really need this.

Copying and pasting terms each time we send a quote is not a good experience

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We can see real value here: it improves the quote creation experience! 


Would really like to see this added. 


Would like to see this as well