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Default "From" email on Ticket email function

We need the ability to have a default email "From" setting when replying in Conversations and Tickets.


Currently: It defaults to the user's email and they need to select the drop down in the from line to change to the team email. They have to do this every time and if they forget, they take a conversation or ticket from the support team email and send it from their personal. Our customers begin to get very confused. 


Change: If we can set defaults for the conversations/tickets/pipelines to say that anyone responding from the specific conversations/tickets/pipelines the email response will default coming from the team email. If a user needs to respond in a 1-1 (personal email) that they would need to change. The default should be the team email as that is where the communication is originating. 

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I have the opposite problem where the team email is selected by default instead of the personal one, but would also benefit from being able to select a default.


I have the problem that always selects the last connected inbox, and it would be great to have one determined by manager.


This is ESSENTIAL. We use tickets in HubSpot and our customer service team keep sending out new emails from an accounts@ email address which is for our accounts team because there is no way to set the default From email address per ticket pipeline.


Such basic functionality. So disappointed to see it still missing after using HubSpot tickets for a year now.


Agree with the above comment.  We also accidentally get emails sent from our sales@ email address instead of support@ because there is no default, and this causes duplicate tickets and confusion to be created.  Seems HS tickets caches the last "from" address selected, but if it is lost from cache (eg new browser, cache cleared) then it defaults to the first from address alphabetically.


Has anything been implemented in this regard?


Agreed. This is causing us problems as we are replying (accidentally) to tickets from a different pipeline email! 


@hubspot you really need to do this. This is not a small time problem, this issue with your platform just changing the From email address at random can cause some serious headaches. 


Hello I was wondering if this was solved and how? I have members of my team sending emails from service@ and accountPayable@ which is not ideal. thanks 



It seems to use the first email address alphabetically.  When you select a different email address, it caches it in your browser and will keep using the new email address until you clear cache (or use a new browser or a different pc).

This is just sloppy from HubSpot - a user should have the option to set the default email address they send from. 

Most users don't notice when it changes to use a different address, and will end up sending from the wrong email address causing havoc.


For everyone's reference here, I just followed up with HubSpot support again in ticket # 3376894, I wrote:




It's been a year and a half since I raised this issue with support and 4.5 years since it was first raised on the forum. Is it going to take a decade for the HubSpot development team to get around to fixing this?
Could you please go back to them and check on the progress of this issue?
I'll let you know what they say but at this stage, I've given up on believing that HubSpot will ever bother fixing this, they're clearly not interested.
When we signed up to HubSpot 3 years ago we were aware of many of these areas that they were behind in but had assumed they would work to catch up. Sadly, no progress has been made since.
It may be time to look elsewhere if this is a firm requirement for you.
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Just wanted to jump in and bump this topic. 

One of my clients uses HubSpot Conversations Inboxes for Support, but their team is really struggling when replying to tickets. By default, it's sorting all the emails alphabetically so many of their responses to support inquiries are coming from a email address. This is becoming messy—as soon as that happens, the thread now begins to take place within the Careers inbox instead of the Support inbox. 

It would be great to have:

1) Automatically reply using the from address to the original recipient of the email: In this case, if someone emails, the reply should automatically come from that address.
2) Set a default email From address on a per user basis. If I'm mostly working in Support, I'd want my emails to come from instead of


We moved to HubSpot recently and are running into the same issue that @mikedupuy is describing. We have info@... and accounting@... shared inboxes. Tickets are getting created for general inquiries that come into info. When our support reps go to send an email on the ticket, it defaults to the accounting@... email address since it is first alphabetically. This creates all kinds of messiness and confusion in our accounting inbox and I'm sure it's very confusing for our customers as well.


We would really love to see the ability to set default from addresses when sending emails on tickets. @mikedupuy's suggestions are exactly what we are looking for.


I contacted HubSpot support and asked them to check on the status of this feature request with the product team, they said:


I brought the two feedback items to the Product team and got feedback that the feature isn't planned for this year (2021).


While there aren't any set timeline, the Product team has mentioned that they may look into prioritising this for next year (2022) instead.

Looks like 2022 is the year we may finally see this implemented, especially if people keep requesting it. Fingers crossed.

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+1 it would be great to be able to set it by pipeline, i.e. when they respond to a ticket in the 'support pipeline' by default the shared support email should be selected. 

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+1 this is a must 




I hope HS implements this feature in their platform, I made a mistake sending an email campaign with my name and email instead of customer name and email noreply@....


We have the same issue where I work, we have different teams and now the team that doesn't have the latest added adress needs to remomber to change it manually every time. There should def be a setting in every ones porfile to choose there own default address and THEN be able to change is they want to.


+1 vote on this!


+1 for sure. I have to say that tickets are one of the things in HubSpot that feel not quite as professional as they should be.