Default "From" email on Ticket email function

We need the ability to have a default email "From" setting when replying in Conversations and Tickets.


Currently: It defaults to the user's email and they need to select the drop down in the from line to change to the team email. They have to do this every time and if they forget, they take a conversation or ticket from the support team email and send it from their personal. Our customers begin to get very confused. 


Change: If we can set defaults for the conversations/tickets/pipelines to say that anyone responding from the specific conversations/tickets/pipelines the email response will default coming from the team email. If a user needs to respond in a 1-1 (personal email) that they would need to change. The default should be the team email as that is where the communication is originating. 

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I have the opposite problem where the team email is selected by default instead of the personal one, but would also benefit from being able to select a default.

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I have the problem that always selects the last connected inbox, and it would be great to have one determined by manager.

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This is ESSENTIAL. We use tickets in HubSpot and our customer service team keep sending out new emails from an accounts@ email address which is for our accounts team because there is no way to set the default From email address per ticket pipeline.


Such basic functionality. So disappointed to see it still missing after using HubSpot tickets for a year now.